Dec 9, 2014

Two new smalls

Hi everyone.  How did your already-the-second-week-of-December start?  Mine was cold.  I mean cold!  But at least no snow.  It was a long day Monday and we don't have any answers that are encouraging.  I'll leave it at that and fill you in later.
Here's my two other new smalls for Christmas.  I fell in love with the Jingle Bird.  I plan on larger rusty bells sewn to each corner for a finish but of course, that will probably change.  I'm thinking a pouch for the stag filled with feathers and greens.  Jingle Bird and Comet's Feather are from Tina Woltman. 

HoHoHo that I just finished is calling me for another stitch, done in a wild color.  Purple with lime green and yellow striped legs.  I don't know why.  Maybe he golfs with Rickie Fowler.
I finished the first color of the house on Mary and wanted the shading but didn't have an over-dyed that I liked well enough.  I used 926, 927, and 3768, starting with two strands of the lightest color, changing to one medium and one light strand, then to two strands of the medium shade.  Next group was one medium and one dark, ending with two dark, and then working in reverse.  Not too bad.  Will probably use that method for the next two colors.
Something tells me I will be kept pretty busy this week.
Stay safe - enjoy your day.
Thanks for visiting.


Vickie said...

Fantastic idea for the shading!

Robin said...

Nice progress on Mary's house and I like your shading idea/tip. to check out the designs of the 2 smalls you shared. I really like the stag one.

Robin in Virginia

Anonymous said...

Love your selection of the two smalls for Christmas!! Your Christmas header is beautiful, as is your stitching on your sampler. Sending best wishes, SAH

Melissa said...

Mary is looking great. I've always liked that design and now will probably have to get it once I see how well you've done with yours. Your idea of shading works very well!

I like the two new acquisitions too! Off to go check out those designs.

Have a good day, Marly!

Maggee said...

Excellent idea for the shading Marly! Thanks for sharing!! Look forward to seeing your two new pieces stitched up!

rosek1870 said...

What a brilliant idea for the shading!!

Will be keeping you and yours in my prayers,

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Awesome shading on the house - you're a genius!

Margaret said...

Nice new smalls designs! Love Mary. Love samplers with houses.

Barb said...

That shading looks very good.

Sandra Sullivan said...

I love the way you are doing the color shading. Just perfect!

Pam in IL said...

The 2 new designs are great and I really like how you solved the shading issue on the house.

Keeping you and your sister in my thoughts and prayers.

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