Jan 15, 2015

Another new small

Hello people.  Hope you're safe, warm, and dry. 

Trying to visit new followers from Bloglovin or Google+ is frustrating.  Am I doing something wrong?  Are there no posts or photos to see?  I was always left out in school and I'm beginning to feel that rejection again.  Anyway, I did find another blog - Scattered Seed Samplers, loved her latest design, pictured here from her Etsy site.
So I ordered it along with Thread Heaven.  Never heard of it before, or any other thread conditioner except for the beeswax that Miss Notforgotten recently posted about.  I added it to the order and will test them both.  The reviews of Thread Heaven are that it is .... well.... thread heaven.  I don't want "nice" or "elegant" but it may help with my eyelet and satin stitches that are usually lumpy bumpy threads of tension.  If it's a sort of silicone treatment, would it protect the threads from accepting dyes or stains when I age the piece?  That would be nice for Santa's beard.  We'll see.  It makes the thread glide smoothly, lay flat, no tangling, perfect for all needlework, quilting, embroidery, yadda yadda.
My next project will be Anna Eliza Abe.  It calls for Soie D'Alger but I would choose my own pinks anyway so I'm not bothering with a conversion.  Already know I want 500, 501, 503, 950, 3064, 3772, 632 and whatever else I think will work.  Not a fan of pink at all, but I like the series shown here, and I wish there was a little more intensity between them.  You can barely see the difference.
We're taking Carole to her local doctor this afternoon and I have to stop at Rite-Aid and replace the M&M peanuts bag.  I not only ate the peanut butter bag he bought for me, I ate the peanuts bag he bought for himself.  Maybe that's why I hate pink - like pink on a pig - me.
Stay safe!
Thanks for visiting.


Robin said...

Looking forward to seeing your start on Anna Eliza Abe! Hope the trip to Carole's doctor is a productive one.

Robin in Virginia

celkalee said...

As usual, I have learned from your post. Yesterday a new member posted on the Primitive Stitchers Society FB page that she did not understand the desire to 'age' the fabric or the finished work. A lively discussion ensued and I thought of you and how you have the walnut shell stain etc. It is your fault that I have returned to cross-stitch! Thank you so much, my skills are terrible, my color sense is askew and I need another craft diversion like I need another hole in my head. Really, I am grateful and having fun.

And I just ordered the bird too!

I sure hope your sister is stable during this time before her procedure. The waiting can be so tedius. Best wishes.

Three Sheep Studio said...

Love the design from Scattered Seed Samplers. I use Thread Heaven. Great product !

Barbi said...

You will LOVE Thread Heaven, it's been around for years and years. I don't stitch with metallic without it.
Ohhh Peanut M & M's my favorite! I can't have them in the house because I will eat them until they are all gone.

sheravery said...

I know you addressed other issues in your post, but I can't seem to get past the comment about you being left out of things in school. Makes my heart hurt for you!

I love your next sampler choice. Is Anna still an available chart, or one from your stash? I haven't noticed anything from Threads of Gold in quite a spell.

Hope your sister is progressing in a positive direction.


Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Lori (Notforgotten Farm) did a couple of articles about waxing thread in which you might find answers to some of your questions, she shows waxed and unwaxed stitches, I think she washes and presses them too. The articles were on January 2nd and 3rd this year. Love your newest project. Irene xxx

Vickie said...

I am looking forward to Anna Eliza Abe and the PINK! We are opposites on that color, let me tell ya! Our brick ranch has cream and pale pink bricks. Our tub is the original,PINK. The owners before us, are the original owners/builders. She was a pink nut too. ;) Hey, you and I got the Dove Dark thing going.

Carol said...

Love your new small design, Marly... Have some Thread Heaven, but haven't tried it. I heard it was great for metallics (which I sincerely doubt you'll ever be using in one of your pieces--ha ha :)

I can't have those peanut butter M&M's in the house or I'd be pigging out on the entire bag, too--they are a huge weakness for me! Hope Carole's doctors appt. goes well.

Maggee said...

As for visiting new followers: when you click on their name, it should bring you to their Blogger profile. The top category will be 'their' blogs. IF they have more than one, you probably have to visit them all to know which one you have in common. IF the first category is 'blogs I follow' then they do not have a blog! Just an ID. They follow only...Like the new designer/design. Will check her out. And I have Thread Heaven but thought it was only for specialty threads like metallics, and haven't used any of those recently. I should try it for everything, tho it might make me slow down...hmmmm.... I am not proving I am a robot either-thanks to you!

Frances N said...

I know what you mean about problems with Google+, etc! My blog keeps flipping back to no-reply! I fix it and it flips again! I guess I'm just a flipper! It's going to be my new routine to check it often!
I do love your new stitching pieces--so lovely!
When I get nervous, I eat! Anything! Now is not a good time because all of the Christmas candy is cheap! It's too easy to support a bad habit! HA I've had some extra calories, too!
I hope your sister gets a good report at the doctor!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

tried to leave a few comments on your previous posts too, but the 'i'm not a robot' thing-y is wonky. :(
hoping this one works! never tried thread heaven ~ didn't know it was silicone based? let us know how you like it!

Pam in IL said...

Hope your sister's appointment went well! I've used Thread Heaven, but haven't tried to stain/age anything when I've used it. The M&M's are popular in my house too, except that hubby usually only lets me have a handful while he gets the rest of the bag, lol.

Gisela Suski said...

I love using beeswax for my thread, my stitching has improved so much. I keep it on a mug warmer for a few minutes then take it off.

Barb said...

Hope the trip to the Dr. went well. I too feasted on M&M's today. I was helping a teacher move some things and she put the temptation right in front of me! I would love to hear how the thread conditioner works.

Pondside said...

Those peanut M&Ms are impossible to resist. I once bought a GIANT bag of them in a Duty Free shop and ate the entire thing on a transatlantic flight. I should be ashamed, but I'm not. I enjoyed every one!
I'll be interested to learn how you liked the Thread Heaven.

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C. M. Designs said...

You won't be left out on my "team", Marly. Like Celkalee has commented, you are the one who got me going on cross stitching again. I'm enjoying every stitch I make. Thank you !!
I'm in no way the advanced stitcher as you and your readers are but I enjoy seeing what you are working on "now and next"..
Praying that Carole's progress will be positive for the weeks to come before her next surgery.
Have an M & M filled weekend.. Love those peanut ones.
Charlotte in Virginia

Ronda said...

I use Thread Heaven for quilting you will love it!

Ronda said...

I use Thread Heaven for quilting you will love it!

ronda at simple thyme prims said...

Going to have to try beeswax or the Thread Heaven .. loving the designs from Scattered Seed Samplers..

Theresa said...

Love your post. When I open my emails it is your's that I look for first. You always make my day and I thank you. I love M & M peanut too. You will love thread heaven I have used it for years.
Your sister is always in my prayers. Love your next sampler too. Theresa

Ranae said...

I love that new design too
I love thread heaven, when my thread wants to knot, which I think is due to dry air
Prayers being said

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