Jan 4, 2015

Slow progress

Hi everyone.  Hope your weekend was restful. 
Here's my progress on green Harriet.  Am I happy with my color choice?  No.  Whenever I get around to upholstery or buying new, I want olive, rust, eggplant, and thought this sampler would be a nice change from the mostly blues and reds of my others. The chart photo's very dark thread contrast is what drew me to it in the first place and I thought this color would be dark enough.  Maybe I'll change my mind and start over with black or very dark green instead of the 3011.  Who knows?  Too many things on my mind right now to think about it.
I made many errors in placement.  The two biggest -  #1 ... top alpha line was off  from the border so I ripped it out and started it again, only to find that  #2 ... the border was off also so I ripped that out.  On the second inside dividing line, I started it from the right edge instead of left and worked back.  I've never done that before, and you can see I am off by one stitch.  Very minor and doesn't matter to me though.
 From all the meals and desserts I had planned but never materialized, my fridge and freezer are loaded.  Instead of the filled clothespin cookies, I used the puff pastry sheets to make my own version of Barry's Bakery twists.  I haven't seen them around here for years and we love them.  
Mine didn't have quite enough sugar and cinnamon but they're still good.  I didn't think about the melting sugar and should have lined the sheets with parchment paper so the first batch was stuck.  Right now, there is an apple pie in the oven.  Smoked kielbasa, green bell and hot peppers, red potatoes and onion halves are in the crockpot.   I took Carole fresh raspberries this morning and they were wonderfully sweet.  She has a private room this time at the end of the hall so I hope they don't move her elsewhere.  As I'm typing, the timer is going off.  So here she is. 
Hope your week gets off to a great start. 
Mine will have that white crap and very cold temps.
I'm sorry I haven't been reading blogs and answering emails.  When I can relax for a bit, I'll catch up.
Thanks for visiting.


backporchcarver said...

Don't know what looks better, your baking or your sampler!They are both looking yummy!

Sandra said...

Oh my, everything sounds and looks delicious. We are having left overs yet again. Today was the big take down of my over done Christmas decorations. Exhausting job, not fun like putting them out. The sampler is looking great!!! Enjoy your evening~Sandra

Three Sheep Studio said...

My mouth is watering ! What eye candy ;)


If you'd like, I'd be happy to run up (down?) and help you eat all that yummy looking food! HA I've been praying for Carol and her son. I hope 2015 will bring health and happiness to them and you! Your cross stitching is always wonderful. Could you please tell me where you buy all your linen? After all these years, I'm slowly running out of my stash so it's time to buy more.
Thanks! Hugs, Sher from Ks.

Barb said...

Your house must be smelling wonderful with all that yummy cooking. I bet the fresh raspberries were just right. I love them.

Robin said...

Yummy looking treats, Marly! I like the green on your sampler.

Robin in Virginia

Happy Room Diana said...

Marly your pie looks so good. You get through samplers so quickly I wonder if your will run out! Well done

Ele said...

Mmmmm! The pie looks yummy :) great cooking pictures: I have just finished my breakfast but after seeing them I feel hungry again!!
Hope your sister feels better

Chris said...

I love the color that you are stitching this little sampler in. It looks great.
Lovely cooking.
Wishing you a good week and improved health to all.

C. M. Designs said...

All of your baking/cooking looks and sounds scrumptious..
Carole is such a fortunate "girl" to have such a thoughtful sister..
I'm thinking the green stitches look like Spring !----warmer weather and flowers blooming.
New furniture is what I would love to have. The colors that you're thinking about would be beautiful.
Praying for good health for you and your family.
Thinking of you !
Charlotte in Va.

Vickie said...

Oh I like the 3011!
What an awesome pie!
We have snow and it is -6º right now.

Vera said...

Love your sampler Marly...and the green! (but that's me, not you). And your pie...and the puff pastry thingies - oh my! Good thing I'm out of puff pastry at the moment or I'd start making them right now - lol.

Karen said...

Those twist things look deliciously! I have never heard of them. I used to make baklava but this year I made a strudel with the phyllo. Might have to try the twist thingy. And your are quite a decorator. Even your pie is beautiful!

Maggee said...

When you cook, you REALLY cook! It all looks yummy! The sampler looks great so far... hope you decide on the final color. You are more patient than me... If I have to rip it more than twice, it goes in the garbage can!! Hugs!

Theresa said...

Lovely sampler. Your deserts are mouth watering. My favorite is apple pie. Praying for your sister. Theresa

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