Jan 24, 2015

The next little project

Greetings to all.  How's your weather?  Some areas will be hit with a storm today but we are on the edge and being spared. 

I waffled between Abe and Queen Esther while adding another small to make it harder to choose.  But I did.  I chose Abe but only because I don't have the correct linen shade for a quilt pattern heart.  I stitched two of these years ago and haven't seen them since we started the house mess a year ago.  The shape of the heart would be the longer skinny version that I prefer so extending the stitching area would be necessary. 
 These are the two that I would like to do.  The one on the left was previously stitched using that same rust color.   Eventually I will find it but I would like the shape and color to be different anyway.  I considered doing a monthly heart design as I did for the pears, but there has been too much going on to concentrate.  Odd as it seems, my favorite pears are the designs that were done quickly and required no tweaks. 
 So Abe it is.  Since I'm not using the charted silks, I chose my DMC colors and found myself following the photo instead of the chart.

There are a few spots of pink in the grass area - I'm assuming pink because it's the same symbol as the house - and I didn't want that so I chose to use all green with a few lighter areas.  The fence is charted as all one color but the original looks like there may be two shades of pink, which is what I'm doing. I may use two shades of pink on the house too wherever I see a darker area. 
This project shouldn't take too long and the hearts will probably be next, but you all know how that goes. 
I plan to start using my Leslie Sansone exercise videos today because - I've gained another 7 pounds.  This has to stop.  I needed hypnosis to stop smoking and this addiction seems even stronger.  I've tried the protein shakes and they are terrible.  Horrible!  The only one I can tolerate is Special-K's vanilla cappuccino.  Does it make me feel full and not want to eat?  Not a bit.  Not a bit!!!  But I'll keep trying. 
Have a safe and stitchy weekend.
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cucki said...

Here in South Africa it's sunny and warm and sometime little rain too,,
I wish you happy stitching x

Penny said...

Nice colors you are using on "Abe." Did you already show a pic of it...and I missed it? Anxious to see it!!
We were hit with more snow than expected... there's probably 9" or so out there. But the roads seem clear, so that's a good thing. Happy weekend!

Mary said...

I know we have all heard this....but you really need to eat a good breakfast. I have steel cut oatmeal ( reduces cholesterol), one piece of toast , Heart wise orange juice , and then a cup of tea with milk. I do not have lunch. but later a cup of tea and Belviat cookie. I am a candy eater usually. Just plan what you are going to eat and stick with it. I try to walk a couple times a week, even if just up the hill to bank or CVS. You can do it......... We just got a couple of inches of snow now rain.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh how behind I was on reading your blog. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Harriet two pouch finish. So creative.
Also love your new wools! Rebekah's work is simply amazing. I am taking a workshop with her in March. Can't wait.
Hugs :)

Rugs and Pugs said...

BTW...did you see that Rebekah has a book coming out in July? It can be pre-ordered on Amazon :)

Vickie said...

I think you are going to give up Dove Dark when I do. NEVER!
YOU, YOU? are stitching a pink house? I would love a pink house. Our home actually does have white and very, very pale pink bricks. =)

Sweet Sue said...

Oh sure, only after i just now get back w/groceries do I learn about Special K Vanilla Cappucino ~ starting another shopping list ~ lol. Keep warm my friend. xo

CathieJ said...

I love the colors you have picked for your stitching. I need to step on the weight loss band-wagon also. Going back to work has once-again caused some gain. This as hubby and I are planning to go out for dinner. Maybe this is a reminder to be more mindful of my food choices and sizes. That usually helps for me. Maybe for you too.

Margaret said...

The colors for Abe are pretty. I don't remember what this one looks like, but I like the colors. I hear you on the exercise and needing to lose weight. Ugh.

Robin said...

I like that heart chart you shared at the top of the post. Nice start on Abe. Like the colors you are using.

Robin in Virginia

C. M. Designs said...

I would love for you to do the heart charts the way you did the pears. BUT, I know you're just not in the mood right now. That's okay.
The hearts you show are lovely and I'm sure would be fun to stitch.
Enjoy stitching whichever chart intrigues you.
Thinking of you !
Charlotte in Virginia

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I've done Leslie Sansone videos for years and love how strong I feel. Good for you!

My mom had this same chart for the hearts, and now it's in my stash. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

donnacrafts said...

Marly, I really like your work. It is just perfect. I want to do a Valentine's Day project also.

As for diet and exercise. I have been eating 1200 cal a day and biking for 30 min. It does the trick. I wish you well...

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