Feb 2, 2015

Warm and fuzzy

Yes I am warm from hot flashes and fuzzy in my brain but I'm talking about wool!  Bought more.   Several minutes before midnight Sunday night, I decided to browse The Old Tattered Flag for more wool colors.  My goodness the wools were 20% off and I got in right under the wire, midnight to be exact.  If I had more time I would have ordered a bunch more but wanted to get the order in for the one day only sale.  When searching for something - can't remember what it was - I found my brother's Navy blankets.  I have one dark gray, one white, one green/brown, and another brown wool from the flea market.  Plus three plaid wool lap throws.  All are heavy and thick.  Originally I planned on donating them to the local men's shelter, but they wouldn't take them.  Now I'm glad they didn't.  A little Googling will produce the types of dyes suitable for wools and I can make a mess, something I have honed to an art form.
The visit with my cardiologist today was informative.  He not only noticed the weight gain, but when I mentioned the more frequent bursts of tachycardia and arrhythmias, he wanted to have the monitor on again.  After listening to me babble about the last few months (he's also Carole's doc) including what I've been eating, he looked at me in astonishment.  "You consume how many Dove a day?"  "Half a bag doc".   I felt the words leaving my scrawny lips and wanted to pull them back but it was too late.  It was like seeing slow moving words floating in mid-air but my arms weren't quick enough to grab them.  "Well, now wait a minute Doc - some days it's not exactly half a bag, it could be less."  A stern talk ensued, monitor was cancelled, and I left with my head hung in shame.  Who would have thought there is that much caffeine in those little squares?  "There isn't", he said, "but you don't consume squares you consume bags".  Instructions are to go to Aldi's, get the 70% dark cocoa bar and have ONE 200 calorie portion once a day.  Is there a Chocoholics Anonymous because I will need help with withdrawal.
I saw something on Pinterest from Bertie of Samplers&Buttons blog (now closed), and a pinner found the source.  I love the shape and idea and will chart one of my liking.  I'm not a buttons and bows type, more like rust and jute.  This design is from The Purple Thread and is available as a kit, called Sylvie's Penny Bag.  Since my Sampler Bag #1 was such a huge success (gag) would I even bother with #2?  Maybe.  I still have those charts printed and may offer #1 again to get rid of them.
Anyway, the snow has stopped, the cold temps are here, the cats are still in.  When I crush the catnip over them, they just roll and roll, gentle and happy.  But this morning I crushed to a powder and rubbed into the wool yarn balls and toys - Nitzy has been bouncing off the walls ever since.  Mr. Yellow is still hanging around, interested in my spayed female, keeping Squeak away, and attacking the boys.  I guess February is mating season around here and hormones are high.  Neutered Bud and Nit don't roam, but they defend their territory with a vengeance and will get into a battle.  My sister has a little furbaby trying to stay warm in the window well but as soon as it sees her, gone.  When we pick her up for labwork today I will take some food and a weatherproof box, hopefully the little one will use both.
Be safe and well.
Thanks for visiting.


Annie said...

I would never have had the never to tell my Dr. about the candy habit. Those are things left un-spoken. My craziness is best left hidden. But maybe having him read you the riot act is not a bad thing.

That bag is pretty, but I don't get the point of that shape at all. Don't you have to take everything out of it to find anything? Or am I missing something?

Annie said...

I meant never have had the nerve. My fingers are flying too fast!

Shirlee said...

Did I miss the onset of a wool addiction? This is what I get when I miss reading so many blog posts that I can't catch up. Do tell ... what are you using it for? Does the Tattered Flag site have some kind of sign-up thingie for a newsletter or sales flier or some such thing? I don't see one if they do.

Truus said...

Love the little bag that you found on internet.
Why go to Aldi's for chocolate-is that because they don't sell Dove's?
Do more cross stitch and yoy don't need more Dove's to eat.(lol)
Take care
greetings,Truus from the Netherlands

C M Designs said...

Isn't it terrible when the things we like to eat are so bad for us, especially by the bag full. We have Twizzlers, chocolate kisses, and hard candy around here..
We have an Aldi's but have never been in the store.. May give it a try.
Would be so nice if the yellow cat would go far, far away and leave your kitties alone.. Our kitties never go outside.. They are strictly indoor babies, but our Pippa gets some kind of upset if she sees another cat come in our yard..
Best wishes with the 70% chocolate.

Vickie said...

Oh boy. I just finished a Dove Dark before I read this post.0_o
Let me know if this Aldi 70% is any good. I used to eat Ghiradelli 60% I think it was. Lost my taste for those. Just Dove Dark thanks.
Cats, cats, everywhere cats! My mom is still having them about her home also.

Carol said...

Having just finished my second bowl of Turkey Hill's "Double Dunker" ice cream, I can totally relate, Marly! Had a very bad day at work so I felt entitled to 2 bowls of my favorite chocolate treat when I got home tonight :)

The Aldi chocolate is very good--I also have a few bars of that hiding in my chocolate stash drawer!

Margaret said...

I hope I'm not being mean that I got a chuckle from your confessions in the doctor's office. lol! When I was going through my vertigo episodes I had a bit of a palpitation thing going on too. (It was all thyroid related, turns out.) The doctor asked if I ate lots of chocolate. Sound familiar? lol! Anyway, I am envious of your brother's navy blankets. What luck that you have those! I tend to think of them as treasure myself. lol! Love that sampler bag. I shouldn't have looked. I'm off to look. lol!

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

I just found your blog! Sooooo sweet! Love your freebies. Just printed one to stitch.


Barb said...

I always prepare ahead for Dr. visits. They never include honesty!!!!!

Chris said...

I hope that the chocolate decrease goes smoothly. I can't just eat a piece either.. it is kind of all or nothing here.

Patricia Lessell said...

I'm kind of all or nothing with everything. Whatever I do I have to have everything to do it with. I love your blog and your designs and am going to follow it now. Thank you so much for sharing.

Maggee said...

You surely make me laugh! I can see it now, you wanting to take back your words! Oh well, it IS for the best! We in blogland want you around for a good, long time please! Hugs!

diamondc said...

OH MY GOSH I love Dopve chocolates, but half a bag would do me in, only because I am so addicted to them, they are so smooth it is a sin.
Love the bag, I look forward to seeing your bag.
You are so creative and so so funny.
Love this blog.


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