Mar 6, 2015

Going to the dark side

Greetings!  I'm sorry for those of you that were hit once again with this ridiculous winter weather.  We were north of the snow and had a sunny day for the trip to the Clinic, sunny today, but below zero again last night.  The parking structure was huge, completely filled, and after driving in circles until on the edge of vertigo, we parked on the roof, farthest from the elevator, in bitter wind.  She is home and we are still making adjustments to her house for comfort, like getting a full tank of oil since her supply ran out and the house is 48 degrees.  Yes, my sister is a great planner and thinker.  This is why most of the tasks we need to do for her are unexpected.
The dark side.  Much darker than my unbleached.
I did a basic finish on the blue bird, with one thick and one medium layer of quilt batting.  I just love this 1" stuff.  I bevel the edges slightly, sometimes put a little bit of loose fill into the corners, but it makes such a smooth finish.  No lumps or having to move fill around.  Fusible interfacing on both front and back.
I have more of the this color, it's close to my favorite dark Rook, and I am on a kick to use dark colors.  Really.  Big hard kick.  I will attempt dyeing a grayish blue next, starting with a cream piece and also trying an unbleached. 
Dorothy Allen from R&R Reproductions (you can call or order at Dyeing 2 Stitch) has always been one of my favorites and I'm loving the dark side!

Need to get dressed and get over to Carole's.
Have a great day!
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Simple Pleasure said...

Thankful to hear you are all safely home.
Busy Hands...Happy Heart

Frances N said...

So glad you're there to take care of your sister! She is so blessed to have you!
Your stitching is so lovely! I just love the photo of all the little pillows...the colors are beautiful and just "pop"!!! I'm really drawn to those sweet 'mini samplers'!! So pretty!

C. M. Designs said...

Thank goodness Carole is home. I guess there has to be someone in the family to keep things going smoothly.
I love all of your pillows. I'm still working on AnnEliza. I'm just a total novice compared to all of "You" who are so accomplished.
You've been a total blessing to Carole.. Now it's time for you to take care of yourself. Looking forward to happy, healthy times for everyone in your home and in Carole's family.
Hugs, Charlotte in Va.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm so thankful that I have a sister like you - one who is willing to help and care for me, just as I would for her. That's a real gift. I love these pieces but especially the Dorothy that one. blessings, marlene

Kim said...

You have been a very loving and caring sister!!! So sweet, love all your finishes, can you tell me the name and designer of the horse with bird pillow, I adore it!!!!!

Robin said...

Glad your sister is home! Continuing to pray for her recovery! I like your bird finish! Need to go see if I have Dorothy in my stack of R&R charts.

Robin in Virginia

Theresa said...

So glad that Carole is getting better. I love your pillows and I love the linen color.

Truus said...

Good to hear you are back home and also Carole.
Love your stitchings and finishings.
Take care
Truus from Holland

Mary said...

I never thought of using makes sense. I am always moving the lumps around, never seems right. Glad Carole is home and you can stay home too, I am sure you were missed by he cats..right!

Vickie said...

Glad things are going well so far. Still praying. The brats did not cause problems while you all were away?

Barb said...

So happy you are all home and safe. I do like the dark linen you are stitching on right now.

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CJ said...

Happy to read that you are home safely and that the procedure went well for Carole.


Judy said...

Glad to hear you and Carole are home. Your samplers are beautiful. I also use batting to hide lumps and it also hides your stitches when hand sewing the opening closed. What is the name of the sampler on the left with the red house? Take care.

Margaret said...

So good to hear Carole is home -- despite the cold house! Brrrrr! Love your finishes. The colors of the linens are so pretty and the grouping -- gorgeous!

Kay said...

Looking good, I like the idea of using batting instead of normal filling. Reading blogs is so helpful some days as well as inspirational. x

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