Mar 9, 2015

New Belfast

Hello hello hello.  Spent the day trying to locate new kitchen bar stools.  Geez.  I didn't realize what a nice looking bowback would cost.  I have two sources not far from us, both carry the same makers.  One could get Benner, similar in cost to the others, none of which I have the luxury of sitting in to see how they fit my growing rear.  That's a lot of $$$ to be spending on something you will use every day without seeing first.
Traveling another 10 miles or so would take me to the only needlework shop in the area.  Hit the gas baby.  I came home with 4 Belfast colors.  I really prefer 30 count but didn't want ivory which is all she had.  The first is Antique Copper, overdyed (is that what it's called?) bronze with a grayish blue.  I'm using the two darkest finishes I have to show the depth of color for those of you that are shopless.
The next is Vintage County Mocha which is stamped like an overdyed.  I don't care for these types with a lot of pattern to the dye, but you can also use the back side for a solid look.  The dark blue is Blue Spruce, all are 32 count Belfast.  I also got a piece of Flax and it's lighter than I thought.  Platinum was a very nice color, warmer than Flax, and the next trip to that area will include it.  

I still plan on dyeing a dark grayish blue but didn't want to pass up this shade.  The first thing I thought of was ..... remember this?  I wish I would have used a darker teal for the fabric, even this new blue.  As you can see, I have not finished it into a bag yet.
Changing the subject - I noticed how photos with linen get really crazy online so I resized in the Photo Gallery to the smallest size at 640 and I think it helps.
Now for the steam smash.  When I use batting, I don't need to smoosh it down because it has a low and even loft.  But whenever I use packaged fill, I overstuff and then press the back and front (with a pressing cloth) using a high steam setting on the iron.  It compacts the fill, makes it dense and reduces the loft.  This picture from an earlier post shows how it looks after a steam.  When I use the cheaper fill the steam and heat really compress it.  I'll try it with the Touch of Silk and see it if compresses as much.  I always use a fusible interfacing on the linen so I don't know how it would feel without it.
I have been watching this tiny raccoon and his little opossum buddy the last few days.  With the weather finally breaking from frigid temps, they are searching for food and looking like they are sick from the harsh winter.  My sister had baby raccoons way too late in the year and we wondered if they made it through these months.  Obviously, we had babies late in the fall too because he is very young.  I have been leaving cat food and bread for them along with corn.

Not sure if they are actually sick or starving, but neither are in good shape.  My sister is feeding another stray cat she has named Junior.  She seems to be doing well except for the pain from opening her chest, slowing gaining strength, and we'll be taking her to the doc Thursday.
That's all folks!
Have a great start to your week.


Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy to hear your sister is doing well!
The snow is melting in Ohio. YIPPEE!
Hugs :)

StitchinByTheLake said...

Lovely fabric - the dark colors are very appealing to me but a little more difficult to stitch. I'm not seeing as many animals right now but lots and lots of birds. Someone in my area saw a hummingbird this week. That means spring really is on the way. blessings, marlene

Frances N said...

Those linen colors are beautiful--
I plan on trying Touch of Silk to see if I like it. I make all those little ornaments, and would like to see if it will give them a little more "oomph"!!
Poor little animals---you are sweet to feed them. They look like they need it!
So glad your sister is improving, and I'm sure the pain will decrease as time goes by.

Barb said...

So glad to hear your sister is doing well. Thanks for explaining steam smashing, I am going to try it next time I make a small item that I stuff.

Margaret said...

Glad to hear Carole is doing well and slowly recovering. Must be such a relief for everyone! Love all your new linen. Such pretty colors! I WANT that horse piece. Want want. I'll just have to settle for Lisa's reproduction -- closest I'll get, I guess. I'm not talented like you with your reproduction on your own tilt. (Poor raccoon and opossum. It's been a tough winter.)

Marjorie Downey said...

I think you will love Vintage Country Mocha once you try it. It looks odd blank, but is gorgeous when it is filled with stitches.

CJ said...

Lovely linens. I wish we had a LNS. The internet is taking over. So is Walmart. Glad to hear Carole is doing well and that she is caring for another critter.


C. M. Designs said...

It's wonderful that Carole is home, feeding critters and doing well. It will take time for her chest to feel better.
I wonder how many animals and birds survived this awful winter we've had. Your visitors are blessed to have found the food you put out for them.
I hope your kitties are doing well.
Have a good week.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Marly, really love the linens, sweet horse...... Glad to hear your Sister is doing well and at home...poor critters, happy you are so kind to animals and feeding them, thanks.Francine.

Vickie said...

So glad to hear Carole is recovering well. And that Junior has come to visit her. :) Still praying.♥

Lida said...

Wow fab fabric, love those old colors and wished I could buy those all overhere, but now I think that maybe I should try to color them myself! Enjoy those cute animals, I hope they will recover from the winter well and enjoy your stitches, you inspire me! Hugs

Anne said...

Good to hear that your sister is on the mend. Still thinking of you and her and praying she stays okay!

Gorgeous new fabbies you picked up! Nothing like seeing and feeling them in a real store right?! I've the luxury all but once to do that...sigh.

Anne said...

Good to hear that your sister is on the mend. Still thinking of you and her and praying she stays okay!

Gorgeous new fabbies you picked up! Nothing like seeing and feeling them in a real store right?! I've the luxury all but once to do that...sigh.

Maggee said...

so very GLAD to hear that Carole is doing better!! Yippee! I thought of you the other day, after I finished a small piece on blue spruce. I thought, 'gee,I wonder what it will be like to dye this!' If the weather is as good as they say starting Sunday, I am going to dip it! Hugs!

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