Mar 14, 2015

Oh baby

Hello people.  I finished your heart and chose the backing fabric so it looks like the giveaway will start tomorrow.  I plan on stitching it as soon as I have a few Dove, and I promise to wash my hands after.
Continuing where I left off months ago of ridding the house of excess, I came across what I think was mine as an infant.  I also have a sheer dress with a silky underslip.  I don't know who crocheted this either.  The yarn is synthetic I'm sure, with a satin thread for sheen through it.  Isn't it sweet?   The white ribbon should be replaced with ecru.
I have no one who wants it and may take it to the antique store that sells vintage.   We were there today and husband found two original June Bug spinners, a Marathon, and two Lazy Ike wooden lures.  I came home with a green bucket that is the perfect size for a Christmas tree.  They have doilies, hankies, embroidered scarves, Victorian items, but this may not be something they want.
Hard to believe we were once that little, isn't it?  The arthritis in my right hand has been so bad the last few days that I can only fit two swollen fingers in the booty opening.
We had a very unpleasant incident the other evening.  One of the opossums was going into the cat condos which was OK since they are still inside.  When I let them out for a while, they were sitting there staring at the condo and I assumed the opossum was inside.  Wasn't expecting what I saw.  He was so bloody and weak.  His long pointed snout was partially gone from trying to forage through the icy snow for food, what was left was bloody and raw.  We couldn't get him to walk so Mark removed him from the box and ended his suffering.  We hate to do that, but when a critter is suffering, we just can't let it continue.  I'm sure there are others in the same situation after this horrendous winter.  So sad.
If all goes well and the heart makes it through the finishing process, I'll be back tomorrow with details.  Until then, stay safe, enjoy your day, help Mother Nature's children if you can.


Frances N said...

What a precious little baby set! It's always unbelievable to see the things that we once wore! I have my little pink baby dress, with matching slip, & my brother's--it is white with matching slip and a wide hem. My mother says that's how you tell the girl dress from the boy dress--the wide hem on the boy's. These are the dresses we wore home from the hospital. My mother got them both out and washed, ironed, etc when I had my baby (28 yrs ago) so that it could wear the proper dress home. He was probably the only baby boy there in a vintage dress!! I'm sure you were beautiful when modeling that lovely ensemble--it really is sweet!!
I feel for that poor opossum--you certainly did the right thing but it's just so sad. At least you were there to help him. You are always there to help everyone--you have a big heart!!

Truus said...

Love the babydress that you found when cleaning the house.Perhaps it was white when made but because it is a mix it changed color from white to ecru?
Poor animals in the snow-we didn't have a cold winter but very mild.
take care
Truus from Holland

Anonymous said...

That baby set is so adorable! If the antique store doesn't take it, you could offer it online. Some gentle washing and new ribbons (maybe pink or blue, whichever best fits the occasion) and it could be worn again.

Barbi said...

Oh! that's so heart breaking! Yes it's true there are probably lots of little critters that are in the same boat.
On the upside...lovely...lovely baby set!

Maureen said...

That was very caring of your Mark to end the suffering of the poor creature.Thank him for me. It's one thing to know the right thing to do but takes a big heart to be able to do it.
I'm told I had a set similar to yours that an aunt made.Mine was pink. I have the booties still.They are on my old Thumbelina doll (part of me refuses to grow up!)

Ana Roat said...

My husband grew up on a ranch so no animal domestic or otherwise was ever left to suffer. There's more than enough room in heaven don't you think...darling little set. My baby girl had one in pink that was made by my mom. Neither one of my grand babies wore it. Daughter said it was to "vintage" for her. Wait a minute...I'm 54 and she's 34 how it that vintage...?! sheesh!

Barb said...

I love the baby things. I put several from our family in one of the guest rooms. I could not part with them. The animal story is very sad!

JR Bush said...

I remember my mother making that same set
in the 50's and 60's as baby gifts. She also
made one for my granddaughter. I have
all kinds of clothes hanging in my sewing
room. I love them. Julia

Maggee said...

Well, you made me go dig in my dresser for the baptismal set I have had for years...(maybe over 30?) that I used for my children's baby baptisms. I know at one time, I used the one that our mother was baptized in... but... this sure doesn't look that old. I am going to have to investigate further now! Due to being a Navy wife, my first daughter was not baptized till she was 18 months old, so she did not use this one! And she talked back to the priest, sassy little thing! Ha!

celkalee said...

What a pretty set. Nothing like that survived from my childhood, my Mother was a purger! Poor little possum, I can't stand to see an animal suffer but I am loathe to do it myself. You and hubs are strong souls, in so many ways. I call my arthritis 'the Arthur.' When I say he is coming or just left everyone knows a painful flare has visited. Tell you Arthur to take a hike.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Marly I have arthritis in my hands too. I take a prescription which helps but doesn't get rid of the pain. Several months ago I started taking Tart Cherry pills (vitamin section at WalMart or pharmacy) and in just a couple of weeks had so much relief. My fingers before wouldn't curl hardly at all and they are more limber now. My husband's doctor recommended them to help with gout and joint pain and they've made a big difference to him too. Your sweet baby things - oh my. They are just so beautiful. You should frame them! blessings, marlene

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, the baby set is gorgeous! I love vintage articles like that.
Bless you & Mark for looking after our wildlife. You have such kindness.
Here's hoping your arthritis settles down.

Theresa said...

The baby set is beautiful. Poor opossum my heart breaks for him. So glad that you's were there to send him on to Heaven. Theresa

Sharon Cuppetelli said...

It's a wonderful gift you &Mark have, reaching out to all Gods critters..<3 Sadly there is so much of this...Bless you for keeping him safe for a short while..
I found a Beautiful Yellow Bird in my backyard, it appeared dead, my dog sniffed it, moved it with his nose.. I picked it up, brought it inside, I put him in a basket lined with paper, thinking he's gone, two hours later I open the door of my laundry room, & yes he's flying all over <3 I was thrilled, later after finally catching him, I put him outside, to watch him fly out to freedom... I gave him warmth .., He lived.. <3
I have a stray cat who's very aggressive, growls @ me, & my pouch., I thought he was to blame.. ., but not this time...
Love your Baptismal outfit , very delicately made,. We're grown sing HuH..
I use Voltaren gel for my hands & legs, I've been buying Arnicare gel lately, it's much less costly.. My pharmacist suggested it, & also the Cherry Tart tablet.. It's a plus..
Happy to hear Carole is feeling a bit stronger everyday, it takes so long..
If ever you need something here in Cleveland, I'm an open door..:-)
Looking forward to your Heart give away, & to see what's next..
Blessings ~

Sharon Cuppetelli said...

Sorry Marly I've Mis spelled you name.. :-)
Chunky little fingers on my iPhone keypad..

Vickie said...

Wow! You really are purging. I could not part with that. Is is wonderful.

C. M. Designs said...

You have a beautiful crocheted baby set.. You must have been a beautiful baby---cuz---look at you now..
I'm so glad there are folks like you and Mark who care for God's creatures like you do.. So sorry for the opossum. Mark did the right and humane thing.
I know your heart will be gorgeous because you put your heart into it..
Have a beautiful Sunday.
Charlotte in Va.

Ele said...

so sad about the critter... must have been hard for you to see him suffering

lovely baby set, it is getting less and less common to see babies in handmade attires. Makes me feel I am becoming vintage!

Rugs and Pugs said...

So sad no one wants the baby items ;(
Your green bucket will be perfect for a tree. Great find.
Hugs :)

Leanne said...

Am in tears after reading your story of the poor little animal. Thankfully you were there to help him/her. We live in southern California, so I never knew what hard times animals have with hard winters. As one poster said there's room in Heaven for all. I have such a heart for opossums. So many of them are run over by cars and trucks or otherwise killed.
So love reading your blogs! Sympathize with your woes of being in your 60's.........but we are alive!

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