Mar 25, 2015

Spot reduction

Greetings folks.  Everyone doing well?  I'm sitting with a bag of frozen peas on my elevated foot.  No big deal.  It will hurt like hell for a few days and then get better, just as my oral surgery did.  He asked why I am doing two minor surgeries so close and I explained that my insurance is changing 4/3 and I've been too busy with Carole the last six months to schedule anything.  Cram it all in the last days!  Still a few more things to take care of next week.
Spot.  Spot spot spot.  Why do I want to stitch something and then can't wait until it's done?  Bored?  Maybe because it's not a sampler?  I don't know, but I am considering using Spot with a few motifs only.  I have enough linen to stitch the entire design and it's certainly no big deal, but I am already thinking of stopping and making a pillow.  Ornament.  Pinkeep.  Whatever the heck you call smalls that can hang with the best of them, lie in a bowl, play well with others, or be trapped in a frame.  Wouldn't this be nice with tiny pom pom trim?  I did the first cross left to right and will complete the stitches from top to bottom.  Even though it's 40 count, the tension of my stitching is visible in places.  Going in two directions corrects that for me.  I was considering Fraktur Friends on 40 over two but I can see that the black background would not be as tight and dense as I'd like.  Still haven't decided but something tells me I would end up stitching the friends only and not the other elements.  I'll be working on Spot today and tomorrow, supposed to stay off the foot for a week but that won't happen. 
The soapstone guy is finally coming out Friday to measure for the sink and counters.  After being exciting about starting the kitchen so long ago, between the lack of craftsman around here and Carole's situation, I really lost interest.  Mark thinks once the counters are in I will get with Dominic to finalize the details and regain interest.
Carole is having problems breathing again (in the morning) and she is complaining constantly, having no patience to heal and let the heart adjust.  Just like with my mom, you love them, care for them, but at times you just want to smack them!!  I would butterfly a flank steak, fill and roll with spinach, feta, pine nuts, bread crumbs (one of her favorites) and mom would eat like there was no tomorrow but never say it was good.  It was OK but I should have used more feta, seared it longer, tied it better, glazed it more.  Carole is the same.  I probably am too!  You see what drives you nuts in others, but when you step back and look at yourself from another's perspective, sometimes you're shocked. 
Might be what happened to Nitzy.  He thought he was being cool and another cat thought he was being a smart ass and cleaned his clock.
I was hoping for red, but they only had this style in black. 
Closing in on the end of March already.  Hard to believe that surgery was 4 weeks ago today. 
Hope your week is going well.
Thanks for visiting.


Barbi said...

I think Spot would be great as an ornament. I've had that happen to me too, start something with such vigor and then I think.."argh" But a pom pom trim would be quite fitting I think.

Jacqueline said...

Spot is looking very handsome. Hope your foot heals quickly.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I wasn't sure I was going to like Spot but he's wonderful! Hoping you can stay off that foot and heal! blessings, marlene

Vickie said...

My week is going well compared to yours. Hope the pain is low and healing is fast my friend.

Justine said...

Finish him off with a pom pom trim and start something else! He is gorgeous but if you've lost the will to finish him do yourself a huge favour and move on.
Sorry to hear about Carole not making a great patient. Hoping you both get better quickly.

Simple Pleasure said...

So happy to hear you are on the mend...try to enjoy the "down" time and healing will come quickly.
Busy Hands...Happy Heart
PS Your helpful suggestions for the use of the walnut crystals worked beautifully...thanks, again!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
Love Spot and think the trim sounds perfect, but as someone else said, take a step away and come back and you may just find what works perfectly!
I do that myself and it works wonders!
Hope you heal soon and I must say that if you made me that flank steak, I would certainly say, "Thanks, more PLEASE!!!!" It sounds delicious!!!
Hope Carole can start to see a difference soon!
Take care and happy stitching!
Warm Hugs~

rosek1870 said...

I love the way spot looks. I know any finish you do will look great! I can feel your foot pain. Last month it was tendon problems in my left foot now it's gout in my right foot :(
It's always something! Feel better soon,
Hugs, Rose

Margaret said...

I hope you heal up quickly from both surgeries. I also hope whatever else you need to take care of is small beans comparatively. Love your Spot! He's a beauty, that one. Hope Carol starts feeling better. I hear you on the being annoyed by what is most similar to ourselves. I think that's why my DD and I tend to clash -- we're too similar in some important ways. lol!

Three Sheep Studio said...

Spot is pretty darn perfect !!
Great design.
Hope that foot heals quickly.

Barb said...

Spot looks great to me. I was never sure what to do with a lot of smalls. But to be really honest, my bigger problem is that I don't love the finishing process. I like the stitching part.

Barbara said...

Oh hell Marly do an ornament and get it done. I know exactly how you feel about it. You can't wait to start something and then two days later you're ready to throw it away.
Poor baby....kisses for kitty.

Kaisievic said...

Spot is gorgeous, who is the designer? I hope that both you and Carole feel better soon. Good luck with the kitchen counters.

susiedele said...

I love reading your posts! you're too cute. Hugs

cucki said...

Sweet stitching..
Hope your foot heal soon.
Big hugs xx

Karen Martinsen said...

Spot is delightful!
I think he should be on a hanger of some type to hang on a peg or knob.
Oh my goodness you did pack it all in at one time didn't you.
Sending healing prayers my friend.
And I understand the cramming because insurance.
Sending many prayers to your sister as well - oh my as soon as everyone is feeling better and that kitchen is not looming over your head you NEED A VACATION...seriously dear girl!!!
Sorry your sweet Nitzy had delusions of They do heal and forget fast though.

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