Mar 31, 2015

The next small

Hi everyone.  Just a quick note to show the next project.  Do you remember when Connie sent me a bunch of older PS Santa charts?  She said to keep what I wanted, to share the rest, and several stitchers were thrilled to receive a chart they've been searching for.  She is the epitome of the stitching sisterhood.   Yesterday I received another envelope from her. 
There are some other things going on that I haven't mentioned and I really have no ambition or focus to delve into the chart stash.  What follows with linen choice is even worse.  So when I saw this 2011 design come out of the envelope, I felt relief because I love it, it's small, and there was a piece of linen hanging over the sofa arm that was the perfect size.  Thank you so much Connie.  For everything.  I will follow your example and offer the charts to others in a Pay it Forward giveaway after stitching is completed.
This linen was a gold color and rather than look for another piece in the color I would like, I got out the Rit and started playing.  Purple erases yellow, blue makes it green, a drop of red erases green, so it took three different dips to get a neutral brown.  I would rather do that when I find the correct size than cut a larger piece.  Not sure if it's 30 or 32.  I'm using two strands of floss for the design elements and one thread of black for the letters.  I also changed the key's color and will take out the watering can in the lower left and spread out the letters instead.
I made my posts on Primitive Stitchers and have no idea from there.  I see that some comments are answered but I don't know how, and not sure about the friends.  When I signed on several years ago, I received all these invites from people I don't know and when I emailed a few, found out that they never invited me.  Anyway, when my mind is not preoccupied, I will learn more.
Have a great day.
Thanks for visiting.


rosek1870 said...

Hi Marly! I will pray that whatever is going on is resolved for you. I love the pattern and can't wait to see how you finish it. I saw you on Primitive Stitchers. They are a wonderful group of stitchers and I am sure you will enjoy their company!

Barb said...

It looks like that pretty design is just what you need right now. I'm at about the same place as you with the Primitive Stitchers. I love to read it but so far, that is about all do. At least you have posted.

Jacqueline said...

I love the color of your linen. I am trying to work up the courage to try a project on linen instead of the Aida I always use.

I saw you on PS also.

Hope peace finds it way to you.

Paula said...

What a great idea to take out the watering can! I wish I would think like that. Occasionally I will find a design I really like with some small little something I don't like so it turns me off. I'm gonna try to look at things differently now. :)

Robin said...

I really like your new small project, Marly! And I think your dye dipping created a very nice colored fabric.

Robin in Virginia

Vickie said...

I am praying for you Marly.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I hope you are okay. I think of you often. Love the new pattern - very cute.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Prayers for a peaceful resolution to whatever is going on. I like this piece and I especially like the color your linen turned out. blessings, marlene

Truus said...

Like the new disign you are working on Marly.
Hope you are feeling much better by now and the pain has gone.
I'm working on a small Easter disign and a cribquilt for my new grandchild.
greetings,Truus from Holland

Marilyn said...

Great new project.
Love how the linen turned out.

Maggee said...

Your new project looks perfect--the dye job went well, and the variety of thread thicknesses seems to be working very well! I went over to FB and said hello on your post--it will pop up in 'notifications' for you. Hugs to you!

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