Apr 22, 2015

A rat tale

OK.  So it's not a week yet.  Not Sunday.  And no important event to report.  But can you believe how ridiculous I am with making decisions?  How many months ago did I state that I wanted rat-tail hinges on the sink base?  And how many times since then have I reiterated that fact?  Down to the wire, sink is coming tomorrow, cabinet doors ready to go on, and what do I have?
Acorn's hammered iron butterfly.  The H are for the dry sink we're making.  Butterfly?  Since when?  Sunday when I ordered them.  What has menopause done to my once sharp and decisive brain?  All these months I was asked "did you order the hinges? did you order the hinges? did you order the hinges?".  No dammit I did not and stop asking me.  What do you not understand about procrastinators?  Feet to the fire I had no choice and what do I do?  Choose a butterfly, that I never liked, never considered, haven't seen on a cupboard, but hit me like a brick.  The same thing happened when I saw Mary Lamin.  What is going on?  Boxes of my favorite fiber bars are sitting in the cupboard expiring, Greek yogurt is being enjoyed by the coons, my favorite cheese went to mold.  Not even my long time favorite coffee tastes good and I've gone down to 2 Dove a day instead of 12.  Everything is upside down!!  Am I coming off the menocoaster and this is the downhill slide ending in my opposite?  I just don't get it.  I'm not reading as many blogs, answering emails, sending cards to friends.  The only thing that hasn't changed is my big girl panties that I was forced into buying months ago and are stretched to their screaming limit.  The stress has affected my health but I really don't see it as an issue now.  This is just like Seinfeld's The Opposite episode.  Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket. 
And didn't I say I would only post once a week?  Did I follow that last week?  Nope.  This week?  Nope.  Can I wait until Sunday to show you the soapstone?  At least I'm still sure that is what I want in the kitchen.  Maybe there's hope.
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