Apr 17, 2015


Friday morning.  My husband is fixing an old barrel my brother found in a barn and gave to me, and then he'll be heading out to the golf course in the rain.  Unfortunately, it's loaded with powder post beetles so I can't put it close to the house.  I'm working on the kitchen's base cabinets today. 
We haven't removed Budette's box yet.  Even though she wasn't a "pet", we still miss feeding her every evening and watching her nap. 
And look who is coming around almost every day.  Squeak!  Still eat and run but at least we know he made it through winter and is back for good meals.
Nothing stitch related here - just wanted to share a few photos of the dreaded boring long as hell kitchen process. Since we raised the cabinets to make it more comfortable for me (I really DO hate being tall since forever), there is a higher toe kick area.  The legs I planned just don't look right proportionately.  So I'm playing with cardboard templates again and decided to mimic the curve on the upper cabinet sides.  Using different depths, legs, colors, and doors is great, but not in such a small area so this will work out for the better.
.  When we added legs to the vanity, we used 3/4" and then added 1/2" round to the top.  Here, I want the top edge of the leg apron to be flat, square like the edges of the doors and raised panels using 1/2" material.  Before he nails the toe kick board into place I think I will darken the paint quite a bit to recede.
Husband disagrees and likes the softer look, which could be achieved by using the correct height of baseboard and cutting the leg pattern.  If it looks bad when all is completed we could always add a quarter round to soften and even that would look better than the baseboard profile.  What a dust catcher it will be, but my paint color will hide it -that's the plan.
I also want to show how we modified our sink base to accommodate a farm style sink without the expense of a custom cabinet.  Since there is very little stitching happening, I'll add it to Sunday's post. 
 Haven't been feeling the sampler love lately.  I pulled several other projects and contemplated a switch from Sally, but haven't decided yet. 
I joined the Primitive Stitcher's Society on Facebook and don't have much to share because most of my stitching is reproductions, and I need to learn about bookin'.  I can't even figure out how to reply to messages - it wants me to chat.  No.  I want to write.  If Facebook has a tutorial for basics, I couldn't find it so I bought a book that still hasn't come in.  I wonder if the neighbor that received my wool shipment also has my book.
Enjoy your weekend - stay safe.


Robin said...

I enjoy reading your posts with stitching or without. Glad that Squeak is coming by more and that he survived the winter. Enjoy your weekend, Marly!

Robin in Virginia

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Marly, always enjoy my visits with you. So happy Squeak made the winter, so sweet. Enjoy your weekend, Francine.

Pam in IL said...
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Pam in IL said...

I'm sure you'll be so glad to have the kitchen done. I'm trying to envision what you want to do with the toe kick area. I had a chuckle with your dust catcher comment because, as I read your post, all I could think about was how my hubby always spills when he's in the kitchen at it ALWAYS lands on that dust catcher! I'm forever cleaning off that ledge.

Kathleen Woodbury said...

Your kitchen re-do is hardly boring! I find every detail interesting as that way I can live vicariously through you. Keep it comin'!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Happy for Squeak. Thanks for keeping him healthy. Your kitchen project sounds exhausting. Am sure it will be worth it when all done.

Truus said...

Glad to see Squeak coming around after the winter looking for food.
Good luck with your kitchen and enjoy your weekend
greetings,Truus from Holland

C. M. Designs said...

Squeak knows a great place to go for "dinner". He looks very well fed. I'm happy that he's come back to see you.
I'm hoping that when your kitchen is finished, you'll put pictures on your pinterest board. I know it's going to be fantastic.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Charlotte in Va.

Margaret said...

Ok, I'm laughing here. Our kitchen was built or remodeled for tall people like you. I hate it. I'm a shortie, so I can't reach anything. It's a right pain!! Now you're doing the same to your house! lol! Whatever! Glad you still have Squeak visiting.

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