Apr 6, 2015


Greetings all!  The Nash chart is going to Monica from The Hoopless Stitcher.  I will be emailing you this evening for your address.  Thanks to everyone for your interest! 
In the current newsletter from the Essamplaire, they offered a link to a video (48 minutes long) from the Saco Museum showing their exhibit of Maine samplers.  The close ups aren't clear but you get to see a great group of antique samplers while listening to their history.  You can go to the site here, start the video and don't forget (like I did) to click the bottom right box to view it full screen. The video is certainly not the same as seeing these antiques in person, but it's the closest I will get so it was appreciated.
 The queen stitch borders of the first group were amazing and several near the last portion of video were on very dark linen.  I like.  Ann, whose wallets you've seen in a previous post, is working on a new one that is entirely queen stitches and I will show you her progress soon.  The project is from Ellen Chester (With My Needle) called A Work'd Pocketbook. 

That's it! 
See 'ya later.

Yours truly,
The crab-ass



P.J. said...

Congrats to Monica! And I will definitely check out the video. Saco is a liitle over an hour down the road from me. Around here that's practically around the corner. Haha. Thanks for sharing.

Truus said...

Congratulations to Monica.
Thanks for sharing this video.Never have seen this type of genealogy samplers before-very interesting! It's very different from the samplers in Europe.
How are you and Carole?
greetings,Truus from Holland

diamondc said...

Congratulations to the winner.
Marly: Thank-you for the link.


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