May 16, 2015

Pink overload

Hey.  What's happening?  What are you stitching?  I'm going back and forth, wasting time, and decided to stick with Sally but I haven't picked up a needle in days.  A small project (santa?) will be pulled for working while sitting outside.   I could start the Queen's bag which is mostly tent stitch completely outlined with black, and a bunch of queen stitches.   There's a lot of running/back stitching (a LOT) to outline all the details first.  Same with the other bags but they are mostly embroidery stitches.  So what is embroidery?  Does the term apply to all needlework?  What about crewel?  Or as I call it, cruel.  I guess I'll have to look up the terms but sometimes I'm too lazy.  This is one of those times. 
As for the flowers, once I set them into the dark barrels, I realized they would be great.  The color is vivid and the large barrel looks better with the larger flower.  We did go back though and got more for containers with impatiens and begonias that match.  And I don't even like pink but this shade really pops so I'm doing everything in it.  The shower seat is great for outside work.  Lower/raise for the task and wide enough to push off of to get up.  When did this happen? 
Here's the Blue Angel mammoth hostas starting out. 

I just love these leaves.

And just so you don't think it's me, here's what happens when I pick a paint color and purchase it.
The first is Windsor Greige (SW) from a sample jar, and the fricking pink corner is what the $40 gallon looks like.  I gave it to a girl at McDonald's drive through when I got coffee. Why?  Because they don't know how to adjust a color.  
The next is Khaki Shade (SW) also from a sample jar, so I brushed it out for a computer match this time instead of using the sample formula, and there's that fricking pink again on the bottom.  Under store lights, it's not as bad as in my house but they still act like you're crazy and a PITA.
And the biggest disappointment of all, this is SW's Relaxed Khaki sample card, and the sample jar that was mixed.  Its' green and no where near the card!  These are all from Home Depot and Lowe's.  Benjamin Moore can only mix the lighter shades in Advance, the water based oil that I hate, unless I want a wall paint.  Is that ridiculous?  They don't recommend it for cabinets/trim.  So I will wait for SW's sale, go to them, at least they can make adjustments.  Their sample jars are around $8 which is why I was going to the others and I like the other paint just as well as their $70 cans.
Stitches out Monday and the shoe for two more weeks.  I think not. 
It was chilly the other day and these little brats that once lived outside with nothing, are now a bunch of wimps.  It's sprinkling - let me in!  It's below 70 degrees - let me in!  The grass needs cut - let me in!
Have a good week.
Thanks for visiting.

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