May 10, 2015

The errors continue

Hello everyone.  Why does it seem progress is slow?  I'm not stitching much, that's true.  But the errors have really cost time and I'm taking one step back for every two forward.  I finished the brown eyelet top row of that section, corrected and completed the green dividing bands, haven't corrected the chain stitch row, moved an entire row to compensate for a placement error, and now can't even spell correctly. 
I was working on the A in AD and realized it wasn't under the prior row's c as it should be.  Forgot the u in wrought.  It's not a lot to remove but I am tiring of doing so row after row.  Good thing I checked when I did.  Many times my mind is on something else and I just stitch blindly, following the entire row without checking placement.  Haven't decided if I will switch to an easier and smaller project.  This is way too cumbersome to take outside or to appointments.
I won the only bid on Ebay for the Queen's Sweet bag from Sharon Cohen so the book cover is the last of her designs I am watching for.  I ordered this book too, and it has great directions for constructing bags, but I don't care for the designs. 
While in Lowe's this morning, a gentleman pointed to my legs and asked, "accident"?  I said "no, intentional".  He looked at me rather odd, didn't understand that I meant the medical procedures were necessary and planned. 

Now what was I doing in Lowe's?  Getting the gallon of paint for the cabinets and trim in the lighter color that they mixed for me last week.  And here it is.  Even my husband who believes there is only one beige can see the difference and the PINK!  I am so ticked.  Why bother mixing samples if you can't follow that same formula for the gallon?
Two appointments Monday morning, then a haircut, then off to the Amish greenhouse for a few flowers with husband and sister.  I seem to not be lifting my foot high enough and catching this thick shoe on everything and anything.  I sure hope I don't catch a water hose and take a header onto his flats of flowers.  I could just see the domino effect leading to the eventual collapse of the greenhouse tent.
Have a great start to your week.
Thanks for visiting.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Happy Mother's Day.
Your stitching is lovely - as always. You are just too hard on yourself. (Well, except maybe for the spelling!)
May I asked what kind of surgery you had? I seemed to have missed it. Sorry. You post so much I sometimes miss one.
Have fun at the greenhouse and pick up those feet!
Hugs :)

Pondside said...

I'll be checking the news for a small item about a greenhouse collapsing!
Sometimes it's just so hard to stay focused on a piece. I have one that I had to put aside because the mistake I made is so far back that it will require a lot of unpicking and I just don't have the heart for that right now. There will be a day when I will have that sort of energy, but not right now!

Margaret said...

Oh I hate that the paint doesn't match the sample. What a pain! Can you return them? Get them remixed? Hope the tripping gets better. No domino effects allowed!

Vickie said...

I hope this Monday goes smooth. Nifty shoes. ;)

Cricket-bug Corner said...

ooohhh look at those sexy gams!! I'm excited to see your bags - those two were so lovely!!

Carol said...

Glad to read you're getting out and about in spite of your healing legs, Marly. Hope the pain is lessening each day.

Ugh--paint colors!!! We're going through some trials of our own with a shade for a guest room. Sometimes I just feel like moving into a log cabin where no one has to worry about pain on the walls :)

Barb said...

I too, was tricked by pin! beige! What a pain. The stitching look good even if there are problems.

Frances N said...

I hope your pain is less every day, and it's good to hear that you feel like getting out some.

Theresa said...

Love the Sampler. Paint being mixed wrong would get me mad too. It has happened to me too. Dont forget to lift that foot up. I had tennis shoes on going into a restaurant and I did not pick up my foot high enough and down I went onto the sidewalk right on my knee replacement. I have a nicely bruised knee. Luckily I didn't fall right in front of the restaurants big window as the place was packed. Lol.Theresa

C. M. Designs said...

How about these "Golden years" ! The colors you are using on your sampler are beautiful.. You have toooo much on your mind........thus mistakes.. I know all about how the mind wanders. No one will know except you. Beautiful work, in my opinion.
I guess you'll have to "march" like a soldier when buying your plants. I have to watch out for the big black tubes coming from the down spouts on my house.. Have been known to trip over them, so hoses would be a problem for me too.
Have fun shopping for your flowers. Will look forward to seeing them.
Charlotte in Va.

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