May 8, 2015

Tiny bubbles

It's Friday.  Surgery went well except for a little too much bleeding.  Injections went well and I baked a cake for them to celebrate the end of treatments.  But the waist high stocking and the foot wrap with the big shoe is not comfortable on an 88 degree day.  That's OK!  It's done.  The endoscopy and stress test will come in a month or so.
I'm working on the sink base, finally decided on color.  Cranberry beneath Kodiak Gray, a greenish brownish grayish neutral.  How does it go with the other cabinets in Studio Taupe?  Not good but it doesn't matter.  I'm repainting.  Yep.  Idiot.  Can't help it!  It just doesn't look good with the soapstone in my dark kitchen so after viewing a Facebook entry on Primitives in Pine, I ran out to get the Behr Riviera Beach that was used.  Love love love.  Light, but not as light as the samples I had before.  The Kodiak Gray, a Pratt & Lambert older color, is soft and fabulous.  Just enough contrast for the sink base to be different.  It's what I used for these samples. 
I wanted to show you a trick that you might already know about to get a primitive paint finish.  It requires - not the blow torch - but a heat gun.  The standard heat gun for removing paint.  If you heat the gun first, brush on a thick coat of paint, then gun it while wet, you get this.
The paint will start bubbling very quickly and you need to move the gun away or all the paint will become one bubble.  You can push down the bubbles with your finger and when dry will be a rough finish, or wait until it's completely dry and scrape off the bubbles for this finish. 
The paint beneath doesn't get a chance to bubble and the top ones will scrape off exposing the under color.  This area on the top left is a basic thinner coat and it won't bubble at all, not enough paint and it dries too quickly.  As soon as the tiny bubbles started I moved the gun away and this creates just a rough aged looking finish without the really primitive mess in the above photo.
That's it.  Haven't decided if I will crackle or scrape but wanted to show this trick.  You can add an additional coat over the area and do it again if it didn't bubble as much as you wanted.  The paint must be a decent coat, but not real thick, and wet.  Once it dries the bubbles stop so if you use the gun before it is hot enough, it will dry the paint instead of bubble it. 
 Be careful!!  Have a silicone mat or something non-flammable to set the gun on, watch where you point it (wild hair sets to flame quickly - trust me), and you can also burn the paint.  Practice, be careful.

Edit - received a few emails from readers that have used this method and found that the hardness of the surface will vary with the new super wall paints.  Their bubbles did not harden to "crispy"!  Best test the brand you are using on a sample. It works really well with the acrylic craft paints but I can't vouch for the difference in Behr, BM, Valspar.  I use flat and haven't had a problem.
Enjoy your weekend - ours will be a hot one.  Yay!!!


Jeanne said...

I've heard about this technique before, but have never seen the results. Thanks for posting pictures. Good luck with the cupboards...finding just the right paint color is a nightmare for me, so I feel your pain. BTW, hope you feel better. Enjoy the weekend.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Glad your painful things are done! Cool paint effect - I will have to show my husband!!

Vickie said...

Cake! =)
Take it easy on yourself. Praying for your healing.♥

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Marly, pray your healing fast. That is a great technique, I love it.Blessings Francine.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Hello my dear, sweet, funny, Marly.... Remember me? I know you do, and love you dearly for that as I have been a horrible blog pal.... Surgery? Eeek.... I feel twice as bad that I haven't a clue what for or why. I hope it is nothing serious.... And it sounds like you're still remodeling prone.... Yay you for doing and getting what you want.... My husband has not the patience for any of that and even though I feel I lived through a year of hell, if it were just ME doing things, things would have been done oh so differently. Anywho....if I can remember how to do all this bloggy stuff, I might even take the Christmas tunes off my blog and try to update those amazing souls who still have me on their reading list.... Thanks don't know how much your little messages mean to me..... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Margaret said...

Glad the surgery went well! What I think of you re-painting or re-doing or re-thinking is this: you are a perfectionist. Which makes life difficult for you, but makes everything around you beautiful. My daughter is a perfectionist too, so I know of what I speak. :D

Ele said...

Glad all went well. Take it easy now

donna said...

Glad your surgery is over and you are on the mend, you did a fantastic paint tutorial, thank you so much! I have a couple large pieces that I am going to be re-doing soon and I think this technique will be used. Next week the temps are supposed to be a little more seasonal, I'm with you on the heat, where did spring go? argh lol Have a great week-end.

Truus said...

Glad to hear that all went well and it's over for now.
Good luck with the re-painting of your kitchen cabinets.
Have a good weekend
Truus from Holland

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
So happy things went well with your surgery and hope your recovery is quick and as painfree as possible!!
I think since it is your home and your choice, then why not have it the way it will make you happy? Love the look of the distressing!!!
Can't wait to see the finish!!
Do take care of yourself!
Warm Hugs,

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