Jun 11, 2015

Is it Sunday again?

Hey!  I'm painting and thought I would show you what we did to the bar.  I love it.  When we added a few cabinets, one base was left out.  A narrow 12" that was 24" deep.  Originally I had planned on a cupboard here but it would have had plank doors that didn't match the kitchen's and no drawer.  Option two was no door and open shelves but that would not be useful, just for display = more dusting.
 Mark cut down the 24" depth to fit beneath and here it is.  No legs yet, just a template.  There is a tiny little drawer perfect for pens or pills, and storage beneath.  This is the new color, Behr's Riviera Beach.  It's very close to Olde Century Color's Linen but less pink.  I love it.  I said that about the first color too.  I tried SW and Valspar but neither could mix it close to Behr.  Makes sense since it's their color and beige is a tricky bugger.  Eggshell finish Marquee.

 Because of the 12" depth of the above wall cabinets, you can't really sit at the very end anyway, so this filler is the perfect size and it matches.  Bonus - support for the stone overhang.  Ain't it cute? 
I sometimes get excited about something and if I don't share it right then and there, I may forget.  I didn't want to bring it up but I'm sure you've noticed a huge lull in my complaints about hot flashes.  They decreased, became less intense, but my brain didn't heal from the fried cells yet and now they're back.  I'm assuming because of the months of stress with Carole and I thought if I ignored them they would go away.  Doesn't work with extra pounds either.
I'll stay away now until Sunday.  I worked out a little design last night and want to start it today, hope to share it then. 
Have a great weekend - already the middle of June - summer is flying by.

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