Jun 22, 2015

Sun? What is that?

Good day to you!  Hub and I are exhausted after power washing, scrubbing concrete, cleaning gutters, removing dead plants, repotting others.  Still lots of work to be done but today was the first day in a long while that we had sun and no rain forecast.  That will change again starting tomorrow.  So many of my flowers are dying from the water.  I drilled holes in the bottom of the plastic pots because the drainage holes are deeply indented which creates a 1" water reservoir at the bottom.  No removable tray like the old pots and with 10 days of torrential rain,  there's no chance to dry out.
I'm still entertaining the neighbors in my husband's shoes early morning and dusk and there is a big reduction in my slug population.  I'm sure they have figured out by now what I've been doing.  I was surprised to find the creatures in my buckets and containers that hold the pots.  What's left of the flowers and garden is infested with aphids and other pests, destroying all the leaves.
I started this project on 36 count (changed every color) and ran into a big problem.  You can probably see it.  But I'll yak about that next time.  My arthritis is screaming from holding that pressure washer wand for hours and even typing is difficult.  It sure seems like this went from mild to dammit quickly.  Is it because I added another year to my "number"?   Regardless, I'm crabby.  Before I was just flashing and bitchy with no patience but now I am flashing and crabby.  The difference?  Bitchy is usually an attitude in response to a question or act.  Crabby is 24/7 sourpuss.  When I get relief from medication, I'm a little nicer, if you give me sweets. 
I was furious with Nit yesterday after I saw him running with a baby squirrel in his mouth.  I tried going into the woods after him but I can't run in Mark's shoes.  I can get Missy to drop the chipmunks and then take them to a safe place, but not Nit.  I know he was raised in the wild but I still get upset.  And I think I'm going to stop washing their water dish because they prefer drinking rain water from a dirty puddle.
For those of you trying Affresh, shake it, cover your stains or smear it around, let it sit for at least 5 minutes before removing.  I use a $1 microfiber cloth from Staples (the best!) to dry after rinsing.
Time to hit the shower and get the leg up. 
Hope your days have sunshine.


Cricket-bug Corner said...

My stray ate a baby chipmunk in 3 min flat I was irritated

Margaret said...

The rain is just too much, isn't it? Too bad we can't migrate it over to CA where they need it. Don't wear yourself out with all that work!

diamondc said...

love your sampler, I love the white stocking and shoes, as far as flashing, I only do that on Saturday morning in my jammies. Giggles.


Barb said...

I know what you mean about those nasty aches and pains. I found this stuff called Voltaran gel. It is from the Dr. but at least I can do some stitching without big pain in my hands! My DD's cat caught a flying squirrel. She had a fit but cats will be cats.

Truus said...

Good to hear about your leg is becoming less thick.
Voltaran gel helps me a lot with reducing the pain.But if you are so busy doing a lot it would not do much for your pain.Sp keep calm and don't scrub to much!!!
Love your sampler-a pitty you have troubles with it.
Have a Sunny day--it's raining here too!
greetings,Truus from the Netherlands

Shirley Hunt said...

Hi I absolutely love your blog and posts about stitching and your daily life. Your Pear freebies and designs are just beautiful and I have printed out two of the patterns and have the fabric ready and just organising all my threads so I can make a start. I also have just started a blog so I am new to Blogland. I would appreciate it if you could take a look at my blog and give me some tips! I have your blog on my blogroll in my sidebar. Lots of love from sunny South Aftrica. www.theartfullplace.blogspot.com ( i hope you take a look)

Vickie said...

You two accomplished a lot! Now rest up with the rainy weather again. I prefer to hide out inside when it rains.

Lida said...

Hope your days have sunshine too! Overhere I just put on the heather! Bur they promised us sunshine in the next days! Keep my fingers crossed! Love the needlework and feel the pain with you after helping DH with the floor and the kitchen! Hugs

sheravery said...

I know it's just their nature to be turdy little carnivores, but it drives me batty. I chased the cat with a broom, whacking her rear, to get her to release a baby bird. My Mom wasn't too impressed with my antics, but I felt like a bird hero. Or was that a birdbrain? And the slugs? I feed them beer! They love it. Get themselves tanked and drown in what the haven't swizzled down.

Hope your foot is feeling better. Have yourself a grand day!


Theresa said...

We have had lots of rain here in Michigan too. Love your sampler. My neighbors cat used to sneak mice into the house and take them under their bed so he could play with them. Feel better. Theresa

Pam in IL said...

Love the sampler. We've had too much rain here as well. Our campground was hit by a tornado last night. We were driving back to our campsite and drove through the tornado -- so scary. Our campsite was not damaged but many others were. More rain on the way tomorrow and at least the forecast isn't for more severe weather. Don't work too hard!

Maggee said...

Gosh--can EVERYBODY send some rain to ME? To the Virginia Beach area?? Please? We have been so hot and dry... it's miserable. Glad to know some of your swelling has diminished. Now to rid yourself of the grumps... Big Hugs!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

So you want sunshine??? How is 103 with no rain or clouds - not much humidity either.
Yes, Nit is a bad boy ... I do not like to see that either. Can't watch the Wild History channels.

A good shower or bubble bath always makes me feel like a new person.

Love to visit...Have a blessed day,

Primitive Stars said...

Glad your leg is better Marly but your working hard. I love the Sampler as always, great work.Blessings Francine.

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