Jun 26, 2015

The cover up

Hiya.  While trying to organize the mess I left, the t-shirt that Missy tore was discovered.  Her sharp little claws tear into fabric as well as flesh.  I bought yards of Trans-Web when mom was here, covering her coffee and food stains with stars, hearts, patches, and pockets.  I had a few left that were already cut and ready for the final fuse.
The biggest tear was in the center under the small star, awkward place for a pocket, so this worked out well.  Even though it isn't necessary after fusing, I go around the fabric with a zigzag machine stitch.  It's too bad that this men's size M doesn't fit well around my woman's size L.  
Saved many a top with this method and mom loved the add ons.  Bought a bunch of the studs and crystal pattern iron ons that made her dressier blouses at real hit at church. 
Made my favorite bean salad this morning (even bean haters like me eat it).  Great take along for picnics and 4th parties.
 Recipe here. 
I tried to answer a no-reply comment and ended up finding a new blog.  She has many talents, not just stitching, and started an Etsy site offering her watercolor and crochet tags.  Here's why Google+ drives me nuts.  First off, you automatically are changed to no-reply.  When I clicked her name, it took me to the brightly colored Google Plus profile of which I can see nothing, and no direct link or mention of her blog.  None.  Because I am not Google+, this is what I get when I try to respond or find a blog of a +er.  Anyway, she left her address in the comment or I would have never found her.  From South Africa, her new blog is http://theartfullplace.blogspot.com/ with a link to her Etsy for the tags. 
Dominic informed us that his commercial job has expanded and we must wait at least another month so I cancelled the final two cupboards and his revamping of the manufacturer's custom doors (they must not use the little lines on the ruler, just the big ones).  No one can tell me which custom panel dishwasher is 24" deep WITH the panel because dimensions don't specify and emails to manufacturers are replied with the opening sizes only.  I give up. 
Enjoy your weekend!
Thanks for visiting.


Cricket-bug Corner said...

Great idea for shirts - I need to make myself a few shirt savers!! Recipe looks delish!!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

not a fan of Google+ either ~ so I don't play along ;)

Margaret said...

smart idea on the t-shirt. Mia ripped a hole in my night-shirt -- maybe I'll use your fix. Sorry the kitchen saga continues. Sigh.

Frances N said...

I hate Google + and I'm on it.......it's a terrible pain and flips to no-reply all the time. grrrrrrrr
I love your shirt repair idea!!!! That's really smart!

Barb said...

That's a great way to save shirts! I am having some friends for the 4th. I will try the bean salad recipe.

Truus said...

Thanks for the clever idea to save the shirts!
Sorry to hear about the delay of your kitchen cupboards again.
Lovely blog with the beautifull tags.
have a great weekend
greetings,Truus from Holland

Vickie said...

Thank you Marly for the link to Shirley's blog. I too am not Google+, and I did not have a way to find her blog either.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Love your solution to the tear - I have a few grease spotted shirts that I might try this method as a cure for. blessings, marlene

Joanie said...

Hi Marley,
I sent an email about the give-away I won...haven't heard from you.

marly said...

It was delivered today Joanie! Hope you like it.

Maggee said...

Apparently, Google changed stuff and the widget for followers got entangled with Google +, so I deleted the whole thing a while back... Not that important. Will check out the new blog friend! I think she has visited me too!

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