Jul 3, 2015

A rant for the 4th

Wishing everyone a safe and fun filled 4th.  Independence day.  The land of freedom to have beliefs, faith, opinions.  To live your life as you feel correlates with your ideals and values.  Not hurting anyone, just quietly exercising the rights of this country, given to all.  But no longer.  Whether politics, race, gender, faith, if you don't believe what some do, you are chastised, spit on, ridiculed.  They have and demand rights, but ignore and trample on those of others.  Hypocrisy is rampant, the country has never been more divided, and people are called haters by those that are filled with it.   Called racist because of one idiot holding a flag.  Media only reporting incidents that incite and follow their personal narrative.  Grow up.  Quit acting like a bunch of babies on the playground.  Act like Americans, multi-cultural, multi-beliefs, multi-values, multi-religions.  One large group of free people that should be able to talk, to debate, to express, to accept, to respect, to honor, to celebrate their traditions and culture.  Stop teaching that people are haters because they don't agree with your views.  Differences do not constitute hatred, but if you believe that disagreeing makes people haters, then look in the mirror because that's you.  Whether your opinion is valid or not, respecting freedom of opinion and beliefs is the issue.  That's what should be taught.  We may one day face a great tragedy that will need us to be together and helping others.  Will we ask what you believe before we offer each other a hand?
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