Jul 15, 2015

A wing and a nut

Hiya.  Middle of July.  Seems like only yesterday I was complaining of it being July 1. 
Well, I ordered my hoop stand.  Decided on the Lacis since it has a larger base to sit on and that's the direction my thighs are going.  Also because of the flip.  I never thought about the ease of flipping the hoop over to run the end of threads through or start a new one.  Holding the extra fabric in hand may be difficult but turning those wingnuts isn't fun either.  Painful!  I don't want to loosen them to enable the hoop to flip to the back side and then tighten again for every thread, so I think this is the best fit for me.  I'll wait until it comes in to try out before ordering the larger hoop.  Small projects will still be hand held and the hoop will only be for larger projects or any with too much fabric. 
While looking for that old thick wooden hoop, I came across the number of scroll frames that I inherited.  This one from K's creations is great but I doubt I will ever use it. 
What I will use, is what I found in the accessory bag.  This patented simple and ingenious wingnut tightener.  What a blessing to use - so much easier.  I tried it on large and small nuts and it fits all sizes. 
Until the hoop comes to help with Sally Fiske, I started this little primitive piece.  Ruth's Sampler from Goode Huswife.  Because of its early look, I chose a burlap looking 28 count and will age it when I'm done.  Should be a quick and easy project, no border, large spaces, easy error hiding if need be.
My foot is still swelling bad enough that I still can't get a shoe on, only adjustable strap sandals.  The compression slip on that the doc gave me is gone.  How is that possible?  I only took it off to wash it, sleep, or shower.  It was clean and the last I remember was two days ago removing it in the bathroom before the shower.  It's gone.  We tore the house apart, even looked in the attic stairs, it's gone.  This happens way too often and it ticks me off.  I will stop tomorrow and see if I can bribe them for another one.  Until then, I need the waist high which is really hot.
I hope your week is going well and it continues through the weekend.
Take care and stay safe!!
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