Jul 8, 2015

Cloudy with a chance of rain

Really?  Here we go again!  Are you overheated and dried up or waterlogged and chilly?  Is there anyone in between?
This little fence sitter looks like she's guarding the yard...
 but obviously not.  Finally had some blooms on the geraniums and the sweet potato vines (which love water) were enormous.  Hmph.  Is that how you spell that sound you make while blowing air out like a snorting deer?  Since I was feeding the 4 mama deer all afternoon in the backyard, this must have been the fawns sneaking around the front.  The little buggers are running and playing all over the place.  Must have been in the garage too because the corn is everywhere, and these flowers were at the garage door. 
My stitching has been frustrating.  I am a stitcher of letters.  Flowers and motifs that require constant chart checking make me nuts.  I am a sloppy stitcher, carry over threads too far, and go up down and sideways.   Therefore, the corners of the crosses are pulled one way or another depending on the wrong turn my needle is taking.  Adding another color is a crap shoot because it may split that stretched corner thread, go beneath it, over it, any way it can to get into that little hole.  Do I care?  No.  So sad.  I know I should but I don't.  Such  a relief that I don't like the fancy elegant samplers because they wouldn't be when I was done with them.  Just because I like reproduction or primitive style that is missing stitches, misaligned, misspaced, misbalanced, mismatched, misspelled, doesn't mean my stitches should be misshaped.  I made an effort this time to prevent that.  Didn't last very long but still doesn't look too bad. 
If I would have studied the chart before starting, I would have seen that the lightest color is in the large flower, not the one in the border flowers.  All that time wasted on changing to the 758 and it's not even in the flower.  Thought for sure it would be since it was with the red in the border. 
A few other things - I still can't figure out messaging and answering on Facebook.
If you ever want to search a blog to find a particular finish, recipe, or tip, use the search box at the top left of any Blogger blog.  It's word specific but still quicker for me to use.
And.... I didn't stitch that wallet.  Our favorite wallet gal Ann did. 
Remember the It Stays roll-on that glues your sling backs and keeps your straps in place?  I bought a new bottle and loaned it to Carole since her split neck blouse kept drooping.  Worked great but she can't remember where she put it.  Don't you hate when that happens?
Hope your week is going well. 
Thanks for visiting.


Diane P. said...

I so agree with you, Marly! I do my best--I get the over one or over two right, certainly, and I maintain tension, etc.--but I can't achieve the "perfect" stitching technique and refuse to do a single stitch over and over (even if I secretly want to). Let it be! There's something to be said for joy, which isn't the same thing as perfection.

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the info on the search feature on blogs. Try and stay dry tomorrow.

Barb said...

To answer your question, overheated and dry as a bone. When I water my garden, the water runs off it is so dry. Our sky is dull because of all the fires in BC! We were south today. I always like to see Mt. Rainier when we are down there. So much smoke in the air, no mountain to be seen. Anyway, sorry your stitching is giving you fits. Sometimes it does that. I think that's why I was ready for a one color design!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Damn deer! I have been pretty lucky so far this year. The deer haven't been around much (remember, I'm a city dweller...lol!).
Chilly here in northern Ohio and more rain predicted for tomorrow. I'd rather have the rain than brown grass.
Happy stitching :)

StitchinByTheLake said...

I think you're much too critical of your stitching - it looks great to me. Maybe that's because I stitch just like you! I must have missed the stay-on stuff. But i fought a camisole strap all day yesterday so it sounds like something I need! blessings, marlene

C. M. Designs said...

Sounds like your baby deer are having a picnic with your flowers and vines. I would love to see them playing in your yard.
I have often wondered how the backs of other folks cross stitching looks.. Mine look like a "jungle" of threads sometimes.. Just as long as the front looks good, I keep stitching.
More rain here today....high winds too. Sooo looking forward to Fall.
Charlotte in Va.

Earlene L. said...

Marly we have had the same weather. At least Saturday we will have some sun whuch is good cause going on a garden tour of 12 homes.
We have twin babies out in the field every night running and play, so darn cute!

Vickie said...

We are in between here! Dried out and chilly.
Would love to see pictures of the fawns.

Maggee said...

Hot and humid here... have a headache--heck, my whole body hurts today... I am thinking of putting away my stitching for a bit... I have an error in alignment on a piece right now, and CANNOT find the error! I think I will take the summer off... read, do other stuff... before I get out the matches!! Hugs!

Karen said...

The sampler you are working on is beautiful. My cross stitch, punchneedle has been laid aside for learning to quilt. No teacher just blogs. But the reason for this comment is to shout out to your followers that your Rootin' Tootin' Bean Salad was a hit in our house. My husband actually made it and he gorged himself on it. Me too! To Marly's readers, "Make the Rootin' Tootin" Bean Salad recipe. You won't regret it!

Margaret said...

I'm in total love with your sampler. It's so so beautiful. I hope it's all good cause it's perfect to me.

CJ said...

I stitch for pleasure not perfection, can't be bothered with all that stuff. Love reading your posts. Have a great day and enjoy the deer!! lol

Frances N said...

I think your stitching is lovely!
Those fawns were naughty!! But they're such cute animals, it's hard to be mad at them!!
Your fence sitter is so sweet!
Well, it's terribly hot and humid in the South! We will be better in about October/November!!!

Primitive Stars said...

Sunny hear Marly, come visit me. I love the fence sitter, what a face. I always love your work, good to me.Blessings Francine.

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