Jul 18, 2015

Drum roll

Hi all.  Guess what?  One of the does that waits for food, decided to walk over to the back garage door where I exit with her goodies.  While she was waiting there, next to the garden, she became impatient and jumped the fence to eat the lettuce, swiss chard, tomatoes, peppers, and peas.  I looked out the window around 8am and saw her within the fence, ran out, she casually jumped out and stood there.  She wouldn't leave until I fed her.  My neighbor has three huge unfenced gardens and they don't touch his, never did.  He uses several motion activated water bursts, not a gentle sprinkler, that he purchased at our local garden center years ago.  Works for him except for the occasional groundhog that's beneath the leaves.  We've had our garden chewed to the ground with the exception of tomatoes, usually by the fawns every year.  This year, tomatoes too.
Anyway, I don't like this tall drum.  I don't know why but it bugs me.  Maybe it's the bird.  Something.  Now that I see the photos I think it may be.  The second photo isn't bugging me as much. So I think EBay will be getting it soon.  Why EBay?  Because I have no clue pertaining to price.  The framing shop I used to mount needlework for is now also selling small furniture and decorative pieces.  She asked me to start painting Santas again for her shop or to bring anything I'm currently doing, and she is very fair with seller fees.  Patti's husband is starting to downsize her antique collections and found a shop that is thrilled with what he has.  Lots of smalls, choppers, bowls, crocks, and treen, perfect for fill-ins with the shop's large pieces.  I am going over this week to see if there is any I would like to purchase before it's gone.  Right up to the end, Patti was joking about her collections...."don't use my mashers for kindling!".
Answering a few emails - the compression slip-on is an elastic tube that comes on a roll.  They measure to your knee and cut it off, comes in S, M, and L with even compression.  I wear it half way up my leg and fold it back doubled on the foot, thinking it makes it tighter but I'm probably wrong.   Yes the ice cream was good but the bowl was too small.

The wing nut tightener is slotted to slip over the wings, giving you a larger surface to grab for adjustments.  Sondra suggested plastic knobs with interior threads as replacements and my scroll frame sets have lots of them, including this stand from K's. Never used the frames or even noticed the knobs. They will certainly make it easier.  Thanks Sondra, I will keep them and send the frames to Goodwill with the metal wing nuts.
My sister kept telling me about a crock pot corn that she takes to parties and everyone loves it.  So I tried it.  It's good but not as fabulous as she claimed.  Well....the 2# bag disappeared at one two person meal, so maybe I should rethink this.
Very simple...
1 two pound bag of frozen kernel corn, thawed
1 8 oz. brick of cream cheese
1/3 cup sugar.

Low temp for 4 hours.  If you leave it longer, slide the lid open a little so it doesn't get soupy.  Picture the corn in a white cream sauce when it's done.  That's what it looked like before we ate it all.

  Still stitching Ruth's sampler and enjoying the easy project.
Have a beautiful weekend!
Thanks for visiting.


Krissy B. said...

I so look forward to your posts!! I recognize the slip. I have to wear one on my hand from surgery. It's suppose to help with the swelling but so far hasn't. I just want to get back to stitching and hooking! We are in northern Minnesota and we have so many critter issues but I love them non the less. We have given up on the veggies but still take on the flower gardens that cover our 5 acres. What you do for animals is so wonderful. You have a good heart! My husband has been reading your posts and I can hear him laughing sometimes. He says he reads it for your house antics but I know he's reading it every evening too. How can one not? You should be writing a book! Thank you so much for the years of joy. Krissy B.

C. M. Designs said...

Happy Sunday. Sorry about your garden. Your forest friends are blessed to be so well fed.
Charlotte in Va.

Primitive Stars said...

Your very kind for sharing your bounty Marly:) hugs Francine.

Ana Roat said...

We have an unruly gopher eating the back lawn. The dogs have now taken to finding the little troll and have dug a hole clear to china! My mom gave me my dad's old weather vane that is suppose to clear out gophers with the whistling but you need wind for that and we haven't got any. Sheesh! I like the tall drum funny little bird and all....

My daughter makes creamed corn very similar to this. It was ok. I just pop open a can and add either fresh or frozen corn to thicken up a bit. Why make life any harder I say!

Happy Sunday!

Maggee said...

I like the drum too, especially the bird... funny how we all focus on a different part! I still haven't looked for my frames, just to see what I really do have! Maybe this coming week... Wrote down the recipe for the corn... we shall give it a try one day! Dang doe! But--she's gotten used to being fed I guess... Hugs!

Vera said...

I think your drum looks great Marly! Our deer have consumed almost all of our day lily plants and our tomatoes this year -- they have never done that before. Also hostas, etc. The other morning I saw one pulling down a branch of our red bud tree to munch on.

Melody said...

The corn recipe sounds good. The deer must think your garden tastes the best. Darn critters. I like your drumroll.

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