Jul 29, 2015

First impression

Hello people. 
Received my GPA's (Giulia Punti Antichi) Ann Spence today.  Never have I had such a comprehensive and easy to read chart.  The chart is in several pages printed on both sides, quality bright paper, and it's not only in symbols, but color.  Color!  So easy to see where you are and when the color will change.  I am so impressed and thrilled with this, my first chart from her.  Clear instructions and SO much more.  Although huge, it would be an easy stitch because of the chart's quality and appearance.  I was surprised that the work involved and quality of print is comparable in price to some B/W one or two page charts.  It takes a lot to impress this crabby fusspot, but believe me, I am.

I started Ruth's over 3 flowers and vase, using all the color changes I made in the body of the sampler.  There is no green charted but I plan on using it around the flowers and for the leaves.  One thread is supposed to be used for the over 3 but I am using 2 threads.  On 28 count, one would barely be noticeable.  I also didn't pay attention to the chart and stitched the right edge incorrectly.  That's OK.
Really hot here for a few days and we are almost done sanding/painting the cedar single swing, the 5 foot swing, and 2 high back chairs with 2 coats oil base black.  I mentioned that I had considered red and his head whipped around so fast I thought his neck cracked.  "Ohhhhh no.  Don't say it.  Don't even think about it."  I don't know why he gets so crazy when I bring up paint colors, do you?  I would never change it after all the work but red would have been fabulous.  Wouldn't Bud look handsome on a red chair?

End of July.  END OF JULY.  Can't believe it.  Enjoy the last few days of it as I prepare to start bitching that summer's over.

Thanks for visiting.

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C. M. Designs said...

Marly, your swings and chair look awesome. I do agree with you that red would be nice too. Especially for Bud to sit in/on.
Happy stitching.
Charlotte in Va.

Robin said...

Great looking swings and chairs! Bud looks happy with his perch. I haven't seen a GPA chart in person, but they sound like they have thought of everything for the stitcher.

Robin in Virginia

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love the black - but I think I would have loved red too. :) My bedroom is red and yellow - and I love redwork embroidery. Ok, I have to ask ..... what is GPA? Is it a designer? Or a shop? I l'd love to find that sampler. blessings, marlene

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks lovely, and a most handsome cat as well.

Jessica said...

It looks like you have a most relaxing place to sit, and Bud too! The black looks good.

Hard to believe July is nearly gone! But it stays hot even past September here anyway, so summer is only half over for us.

We've heard that Google is shutting down google+! Or at least they will be making significant changes. I'm not 100% sure which is true. Hopefully one change will be to stop forcing people using other google services to have a google+ account anymore. I really hate that.

Have a blessed day Marly!

Theresa said...

Love the new chart. I prefer color charts I think they are easier to read. Bud would definitely pop on a red chair.....but he looks just as good on the other color. Thereza

Barb said...

Bud looks quite handsome just where he is. Your WIP is looking very good! I always like the colors you choose.

Ronin said...

The black is good. Red would be to much in your face. Love your garden 😊 am a little envious wish I had a garden. The charts looks good. Not stitching now but quilting. Have a great day.

Ronin said...

The black is good. Red would be to much in your face. Love your garden 😊 am a little envious wish I had a garden. The charts looks good. Not stitching now but quilting. Have a great day.

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

I love Gigi's designs also. Wish I was in that swing stitching.

Rugs and Pugs said...

The swings and chair look wonderful. Red would have been pretty cool, too.
I will join you in bitching about the end of summer. I am so tired of hearing people wishing for fall when we've barely had a summer. The really bad part about fall is what comes after it.
Hugs :)

Carol said...

I do love the black paint job, Marly! And Bud would look handsome on just about any color, I believe :) Good to know some people are still producing quality charts--that one looks especially well done.

I just am in shock that July is at its end--I guess that was because of our crappy June and first half of July... A very short summer this year!

diamondc said...

Hey Bud: Blondie says hi, from her sweet little ole self.
I love red, I have considered making red pillows for the loungers on the back deck, they are a golden tan color, I think red would just pop.
Lots of work sanding and painting.
Love the new pattern so pretty, I had to look it up on the net, wow I love it.


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