Jul 25, 2015

Peas in a pod

Greetings folks.  This is my slow progress on Ruth.  Vase and flowers to the right and I'm done.  Yes of course I changed a few colors.
But I wanted to show you Barb's work (Village Folk Art).   I am just so impressed with anything she creates.  Here are the Peas in a Pod.  Is this sweet or what?  She dyed the velvet to that pea shade and it's perfect.  Maggie Bonanomi design from her Thistle Down Moon book.
Then there's her fraktur (watercolor) and acrylic painting.  Love those pears!

Punch needle, cross stitch, wool applique, she does it all!  You probably have seen her work on her blog but I am just amazed that no matter what she does, it's that good.
And now something for Vickie.  Pink at night.
 The petunias are finally picking up and just glowing in the dark.
While working on the hoop last night, I found that flipping it onto your chest is the easiest way to run the thread ends.  Backwards is best!
For Ronda - you're no-reply so I'll answer you here.  That hoop is made by Lacis, available at JoAnn's online (coupon eligible), Amazon, and other craft sites.  I got mine at 50% off, didn't want to spend a lot just to try it out, and the hoop comes with it.  For additional larger hoops, Lacis website is here.
Beautiful days this past week, found a new Italian store in Boardman Ohio, finally checked out a new Subaru Outback.  My husband is attached to his old Explorer and having a difficult time with choosing a new vehicle. 
Have a great weekend!  The last one in July.  Can't believe it.


The Eveningstitcher said...

Beautiful flowers, Marly and your sampler looks like another beauty! I would love to have an Outback but my husband absolutely refuses to buy foreign even though most of it is probably made in the US. He would rather buy a Ford that I'm sure is made in China! Go figure.....

CathieJ said...

Your sampler is coming along nicely. I never changed colors of charts until I started reading other blogs. Now I make some of my own decisions on colors. Your pink flowers are so pretty. I love the way they are glowing at night. Thanks for the link to the other blog. I will enjoy perusing it.

kelley said...

you were in Boardman! were you at Rulli Bros? love their prices...your flowers are lovely...

Robin in Virginia said...

Your pink flowers are gorgeous! Very nice progress on your sampler! I vote for the Outback. I love mine.

Robin in Virginia

Three Sheep Studio said...

Your stitching on Ruth is fabulous !
Love the peas in a pod. The pink petunias are calling my name ;)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Gorgeous flowers!!!
Barb is sooooo talented.
Hugs :)

Frances said...

Those pink flowers are lovely!
I do love the peas in the pod--just precious! I actually have a French candle that is made like a pod and the little loose peas are what you light, and replace. I've loved it for years and never burned them! And I even have some replacements! I really need to get that out and enjoy it! Thanks for making me remember that it's tucked away in the closet!!!

Berit said...

This is a Fab post. I especially love the pear painting, and your gorgeous container garden HELLO!!!

Do tell about the Italian store--we've been loving the Forester we bought in late '13; but Subaru refreshed the models the next year. I'd still really recommend them, though! (Newer Outbacks are a little big for the area we live in IMO.) Great reliability and QC; un-sexy interior is the only drawback. I think they zinged-up the newer models, though. You'll love it. After we bought it friends started test driving and buying!

Kaisievic said...

Wow! Lovely pics of lovely craft and your petunias are looking great, Marly.

Faye said...

All of those treasures are delightful ~~ And, your flowers are beautiful!!!

Vickie said...

Oh yes! The garden at night is gorgeous. Of course I would think it is gorgeous anytime of day. Glad you got talked into it by that Amish salesman.

Annmarie said...

The sampler and flowers are wonderful and THANK YOU for introducing me to Village Folk Art - love her creative and beautiful pieces. Wanted to share that I have a 2012 Subaru Outback and really love it. I wanted a car a bit higher than my previous Honda Accord (that I had for 10 years and now is in Boston with my daughter) and the main requirement was that it be good on snow. It was rated high by Consumer Reports at the time and has met all our needs....and our service department is GREAT! Good luck with your decision.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
Your sampler looks lovely!! No surprises there!! Everything is always beautiful! And yes, Barb does a fantastic job and just love her work!! I follow her blog and she follows me and always leaves such nice comments!!
I'm sure she is just tickled you mentioned her and hope others will check her out!!
Lovely flowers! Wish I had a green thumb!!
My daughter and her hubby have a Subaru and they just love it!!!
Have a great week!
Warm Hugs~

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