Aug 24, 2015

Questions and photos

Good morning.  How was your weekend?  We've had beautiful weather, but it feels like fall.  I have to wear a fleece jacket by evening for several days now.  Almost over!!
Progress on Sally has reached the bottom, no more letters or verse.  It's hard to see the house outlined in light thread so I circled it.  Sally's a big girl and needed a big house, it's 6" x 6".  The vase and flowers to the right of the verse are specialty stitches so I will attempt that area after the house is finished, before the other motifs.
Can anyone tell me what this chartreuse ground cover is?  We had a large patch of it and it just glows in the shade, but our fierce winter killed almost all.  The spring bloom is a small light lilac spike.  I've searched online and can't find it, but you gals always seem to know what I can't locate. 
I wanted to show you my Limelight hydrangeas.  HUGE!  They are a creamy white, not stark like the Pee Gee bloom behind it.  This is a bush and I wish I would have purchased the tree instead.  The trees sell quickly in the spring and local nurseries have none by June.
Now these are the old fashioned type called Annabelle.  Obviously, the deer prefer this variety which is right next to the Limelight.  It's odd how they pick and choose.  Annabelle suffers every year but never the others.

I see lots of stitchers are starting to work with yarn which I haven't done in decades.  But while searching for Acorn wrought iron hinges, I came across another Acorn site that carries clothing and saw these.  I love them and will search for a pattern.
And what is this little thing?  I see it every year with lacy wings, a frayed butt, and a long snout.   Acts like a hummingbird, quicker than a bee, large and long. 
All went well with Carole's epidural.  I almost fell over when the nurse came out to call her in.  She was the nurse, exactly a year earlier, that tried to keep us calm and informed when Carole was slipping away after the Tikosin induced torsades.  One year to the day.  I got all meno weepy and thanked her again, while Carole was listening at the exit desk. Carol did not know the nurse because she was, well, dying over and over again and not coherent.   The nurse did not recognize Carole because she was not part of her cardiac team and there was always someone sitting on top of her waiting to pound her chest for CPR so she didn't she her face. This nurse, Patty, came from the cath lab when the emergency started and decided to be the liaison since Carole's team could not leave her side.  She was off-duty and left after the pacemaker surgery when Carole stabilized.  Neither really saw each other that day but had a little joyous reunion in the office.
The king of the swing is still keeping watch over his domain.
Have a great start to the last week of August.  You have no idea how crabby I am about that.
Thanks for visiting.
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