Aug 24, 2015

Questions and photos

Good morning.  How was your weekend?  We've had beautiful weather, but it feels like fall.  I have to wear a fleece jacket by evening for several days now.  Almost over!!
Progress on Sally has reached the bottom, no more letters or verse.  It's hard to see the house outlined in light thread so I circled it.  Sally's a big girl and needed a big house, it's 6" x 6".  The vase and flowers to the right of the verse are specialty stitches so I will attempt that area after the house is finished, before the other motifs.
Can anyone tell me what this chartreuse ground cover is?  We had a large patch of it and it just glows in the shade, but our fierce winter killed almost all.  The spring bloom is a small light lilac spike.  I've searched online and can't find it, but you gals always seem to know what I can't locate. 
I wanted to show you my Limelight hydrangeas.  HUGE!  They are a creamy white, not stark like the Pee Gee bloom behind it.  This is a bush and I wish I would have purchased the tree instead.  The trees sell quickly in the spring and local nurseries have none by June.
Now these are the old fashioned type called Annabelle.  Obviously, the deer prefer this variety which is right next to the Limelight.  It's odd how they pick and choose.  Annabelle suffers every year but never the others.

I see lots of stitchers are starting to work with yarn which I haven't done in decades.  But while searching for Acorn wrought iron hinges, I came across another Acorn site that carries clothing and saw these.  I love them and will search for a pattern.
And what is this little thing?  I see it every year with lacy wings, a frayed butt, and a long snout.   Acts like a hummingbird, quicker than a bee, large and long. 
All went well with Carole's epidural.  I almost fell over when the nurse came out to call her in.  She was the nurse, exactly a year earlier, that tried to keep us calm and informed when Carole was slipping away after the Tikosin induced torsades.  One year to the day.  I got all meno weepy and thanked her again, while Carole was listening at the exit desk. Carol did not know the nurse because she was, well, dying over and over again and not coherent.   The nurse did not recognize Carole because she was not part of her cardiac team and there was always someone sitting on top of her waiting to pound her chest for CPR so she didn't she her face. This nurse, Patty, came from the cath lab when the emergency started and decided to be the liaison since Carole's team could not leave her side.  She was off-duty and left after the pacemaker surgery when Carole stabilized.  Neither really saw each other that day but had a little joyous reunion in the office.
The king of the swing is still keeping watch over his domain.
Have a great start to the last week of August.  You have no idea how crabby I am about that.
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Cynthia M. said...

Hi Marly:

Your groundcover appears to be lamium. It does nicely in semi-shady areas and spreads pretty quickly. Its purple flowers are beautiful in the spring, especially when there is a large area of it. It can take over, so I cut mine back in midsummer and pull out any strays.

Karen said...

I have no idea what the ground cover is or the flying this but I did enjoy seeing them although the flying thing kind of looks like something out of a nightmare. Like giant wasps do. But it is also kind of pretty too. Love your pictures and enjoy reading your posts as always!

Jo Ann said...

Hi Marly,

I am pretty sure the weird flying thing is a moth humming bird. We have had them around the yard for several years now.

Sorry to say, but YEA ~ YEA ~ YEA FALL !

Angie said...

I love your blog, Marly! I always learn something new and it doesn't have to be stitch related, though that's good too.

Colleen said...

Definitely Lamium. It comes in many shades of green, with different coloured flower spikes. I too enjoy reading your blog.

Robin said...

Wow, your Limelight Hydrangeas are gorgeous! Glad to hear that Carol's epidural went well.

Robin in Virgina

Mary said...

I agree Lamium of some sort....can be invasive if in a garden. I lost one small garden to it years ago...but still great ground cover..kinda of tall though. Mine had yellow flowers . Glad all went well with Carole.

Diane said...

That insect is definitely a hummingbird moth. We have them in our garden every year here in New Jersey and they like to feed on butterfly bush, verbena and other deep throated flowers. They're lovely to watch...enjoy!!!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I couldn't help with either outdoor questions - outside is buggy and hot so I avoid it! Your flowers are gorgeous!1 Glad your sister is doing ok!

JR Bush said...

Great post.
Giving thanks for Carole's good results.
I just love all of your stitching projects,
think I'll be inspired and go up to the
sewing room and work on a UFO.
Julia in SC

Jo Ann said...


Update on moth hummingbird. it is actually a Spinx Moth. Here is a little info on it. You can google it and find lots of info. When I first saw one I thought it was a baby hummingbird till my boss at the time explained what it was. It is amazing how close you can get to one and watch it feed. When Gary got home I asked him what the actual name of the little beast was ! :}

"This is one of the diurnal Sphinx Moths in the genus Hemaris, and we believe it is most likely the Snowberry Clearwing, Hemaris diffinis."

Vickie said...

ooOoo! Those vests are cool! I should have the kids make me one, right? Since they now knit and all. ;)

Rugs and Pugs said...

That Limelight hydrangea is gorgeous!!! The last two winters have been extremely hard on my hydrangeas and I've only had a few flowers and on another variety, none because the deer love them.
Perhaps lamium in the proper name, but I think I was told it is dead nettle :)
So happy all went well with Carole.
Hugs :)

Kelly said...

What you have sampling your flowers is a clear wing moth. I love these critters! I've been able to get really close to them while taking pictures. Your hydrangeas are just beautiful!

Barb said...

Limelight is magnificent! That is going to be a very impressive sampler when you are finished.

kathiquilts said...

I also believe your ground cover is Lamiun (the latin name); the "common name is dead nettle. Lots of knowledgeable gardeners here!

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

I'm so glad to read that Carole is ok! What a special reunion with the nurse! I bet that was so wonderful. We had a little health scare this weekend on the Cross Country course with my eldest in the throes of heat stroke....There were three angels that helped me as it seemed that no one was around for 20+ minutes to come help her. I know what it feels like to be humbled by the help of someone intervening for a loved one and since Carole was in such a touch and go situation, I'm certain that was something else on a new entire level to be reunited. I'm glad she was there for you all to talk to again. Your hydrangeas are stunning. I can't get any to grow here. I think its our nasty soil...hard clay. But the flowers on yours are huge and lush and white! That's my color scheme with flowers is white and adore hydrangeas! You've got the names of your mystery guest and fauna so I'll keep my mouth shut :)
I love the king in his swing!

StitchinByTheLake said...

That hydrangea is stunning - its been so hot and dry at home tat not much is blooming at all. Another reason why I'm ready for Autumn. blessings, marlene

Karen Martinsen said...

Good morning Marly
How you can see to do those stitches is amazing! Sally is going to be gorgeous when finished. Love to see how you frame it. Would something like this be good stretched on a canvas board...silly thought, just thinking is all.
The ground cover is very pretty - our neighbors had it all in front of their house and it filled in the entire area.

Hydrangeas...BEAUTIFUL...I tried growing them but for some reason they would not blossom like yours...I got little flowers and then the bush died.

The Annabelle's are lovely too - and for sure the deer think that as well LOL

Never worked with yarn to make clothing - just afghans (back in the early 80's) I love these vests and they look so warm and cozy - now these would be great in place of your 'fleece' jacket!

Oh your Hummingbird is so sweet! We have only had a handful around our home in the 36 years we have lived here and we always had feeders out for them. I guess the don't ike us LOL

Love the king - isn't it great how our fur babies take over and we let them - it's fun watching their 'ways'.

Thanks for sharing today

Karen Martinsen said...

P.S. I just realized that the little flying thing is NOT a hummingbird...guess I should have read closer and also read the I know what it is!
Kelly cleared that up for me :)

Truus said...

Happy to hear that Carole is well and all went well with her.How nice that you the nurse again just after a year!
Love your sampler and the vests.
The hummingbird butterfly or moth is very rare to our country-it's a lovely creature as well as your hydrangea.
Mine are cutting down by someone in the night-they say it's because of a drug in its stems.So no deer but people are the reasons for my bad looking hydrangeas.
have a nice day
greetings,Truus from Holland

Maggee said...

It is amazing you remembered that nurse from last year (!!) but then again, the mind is a mysterious thing. I have seen that moth in other blogs. I would rather have real hummers... but summer IS waning, and I haven't seen any here at home. Those vests look great--are you going to make some? Your swing looks great... you did such a great job refinishing all your outside furniture! Hugs!

Pam in IL said...

So glad to hear that Carole is doing well. How nice that you saw the nurse and that Carole was able to meet the nurse too. Not sure what the ground cover is, but the little visitor to your flowers is a hummingbird clearwing moth. I have some visiting my flowers as well. Love the sweaters and hope you find the pattern (and share that info with us). Beautiful hydrangeas!

Judy said...

Hydrangeas are among my favorite flowers. Yours are gorgeous. Sadly, the dear population in our neighborhood make growing them impossible. Several years ago our neighborhood was extended into deer stomping grounds. They were hungry enough to be eating my underdeveloped green tomatoes. I am grateful the nandinas are safe as is the Persian Lilac.

Joan said...

Your little bug is a Hummingbird Moth. Our area seems to have a lot of them ... enough so that the schools include them on their website.

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