Aug 14, 2015

Sit out back with me

After disassembling the swings and chairs, 2 coats of oil base, days to dry, reassembling, we're done.

Both larger swings
the chairs

my large copper kettle
the barrels are overflowing
Instead of purchasing new swing chain sets for $25 every few years because of rust, we decided to spend $59 for the stainless.  Oh my what nice chains.  They look like they may even be chrome plated over the stainless because they are really shiny, but heavier than our standard ones and will last forever.  She said to wipe them down with a rag sprayed with WD-40 to clean them when needed. 
We have three Pink Diamond hydrangea trees and if you want to attract bees, plant a few!  They are loaded with hundreds of them every day for weeks. 
 All types, fuzzy butts, striped, plain, honey bees, and even the monster carpenter bees.  Easy to spot because of their size and shiny butts, unlike the hairy ones of the bumblebees.  Bumblebees live in the ground, carpenters drill a perfect hole in your house and live in the wood.  We had a colony of the bumbles under our brick patio years ago, never saw them again. 
It will be very warm for a few days, this middle of August, closing out summer, and I want to sit out and just take it in.  My little sampler charts came and I may pull supplies for Robina.  Sally is too cumbersome for outside.
Enjoy your weekend!!
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