Aug 6, 2015

The sun is still shining

even though I need a light jacket after sundown.  It's August but more like late September.  Someone is enjoying the warmth in her own little secret garden.  Since I started watering the flowers with the diluted fertilizer, they are almost covering the barrel.
Also in the sun was my monster bowl that was close to black from being dirty. The oil soap did nothing but make it more sticky and it had to be cleaned before display.  My other spray cleaner Simple Green (auto section in Walmart) wasn't touching it either. I assumed the tackiness was built up household grime but I needed Lestoil to remove the layers.  Took many rinses between scrubs and finally got it clean.  Now you can see the wood grain and character.  And when I saw that it doesn't fit in our chairs, I was very pleased to realize it's much larger than my a**.
While continuing our new car search, Mark stopped at the quilt shop so I could browse and I found a few more prints.  With all my leftover boxes, fabric covering sounds like a good idea. 
Still slowly working on Sally, been feeling out of sorts for a few days.  Also not happy that it may be my menoride (a bright car easily found in parking lots, eliminating the need for wandering around in a sweaty snit) that is given to Carole.  Neither of us want to let go of our old vehicles but one of us must. 
That's it folks!
Hope all is well with you and yours.



Robin said...

What a fabulous assortment of fabrics you picked up, Marly! And thank you for the laugh out loud laugh with your comment about the bowl being bigger than your a$$. Your flowers look amazing. Mine not so much! Enjoy your weekend!

Robin in Virginia

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Adorable kitty! Menoride hahaha

Rugs and Pugs said...

I really need to fertilize my flowers!
Your bowl is to die for.
Thanks for the laugh.
Hugs :)

Kaisievic said...

Love your bowl and cute fabbie. I know how you feel about your car , I had to give up my beloved Prius last year when TraderVic decided we needed a new car! :(

Barb said...

That bowl is just great! Looks like you found some very nice fabrics.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Try using Awesome from Dollar General when you have sticky or greasy things to clean. It's cheap ($1/spray bottle), and it cleans like nothing else. I've even used it in the washer when I have a spot on clothes. Last time I used it, I cleaned of gunky kitchen cupboard handles.

Love the bowl.

Primitive Stars said...

I'm loving the cooler temps here Marly. Such a sweet picture of Kitty, adorable.i do love that bowl too. Blessings Francine.

Margaret said...

I'm hoping the cooler temps stay around, but I'm not counting on it. I hear you on your menoride. I'm happy that my new car is a nice, distinctive blue.

C. M. Designs said...

Oh, Marly, I so understand about not wanting to give up the vehicles that you've had and have a special meaning in your life.
I HAD to give up my 1989 Ford Aerostar van and it just about broke my heart........I'm still not used to the Hundai Santa Fe that my son gave me after he got a new one. It's a lovely car but it's not my van. The van had had so much work done on it......I tried to keep it on the road as long as I could, but there came a time when it just wasn't safe anymore. I gave it to the men in the shop that had cared for it over all those years.. I turned the title over to them and they drove it out of my drive way........didn't have to see it go on a tow truck.
Your new bowl is gorgeous. I know it will be beautiful at Christmas time when you fix it so pretty.
Love the cooler temperatures. Missy looks precious sleeping under your petunias.. Bless her little heart..
Enjoy your weekend.........maybe you could find another yellow car ?
Charlotte in Va.

Vickie said...

Why not get a new Escape in a cool color?

Carol said...

The look of that giant bowl now is well-worth all of your scrubbing, Marly--what a beauty! These cool nights are so strange for early August, aren't they? And yesterday, I don't think we even got out of the 60s!

Good luck car shopping--that is a task I dread. We tend to keep our cars for 12+ years so have had very few in our almost 40 year marriage... Hope you can find another easily visible car!

Ele said...

lovely fabric. The bowl looks even more beautiful now, you did a great job.
Wish temperatures were lower here too, it was has been so hot today... cannot wait for autumn to arrive!!
have a relaxing weekend

Pam in IL said...

Love the bowl and the new fabrics.

Maggee said...

Man--I would love cooler temps!! Today it is trying to cool down... it's nice and windy, but still humid. You got some lovely fabrics... I was thinking about your lovely boxes the other day, when I was switching out my seasonal stitchings... in October, your boxes come out for a while. Right now, it is beach time. I know you worked really hard on that bowl, and it was well worth it... what a great bowl! Thanks for sharing!

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