Sep 20, 2015


Hello hello.  Unexpected happenings so the chart will be a little late.  I've also decided to stitch it first and correct errors.  Already did once and changed the moon and its colors.  I'll work on it this evening and have it for you Tuesday.  Promises, promises. 
Budman with the Bubble Gum petunia.
Patti LOVED fall decorating and white pumpkins.  These two items were hers, my little slice of Primitive Patti.  Hard to believe it's been months since her passing.
Have you ever seen a fawn growing antlers?  A fawn!!  He just lost his spots and he's sprouting on that sweet little head.
My landscaper will be back in a few weeks.  Since you enjoyed the view, I'll get one without his hat.  We've used his company for years and joke around, very nice guy.  I told him there was a contest between bloggers for the best looking landscaper and after accusing me of pimping him out, he laughed and agreed to pose.  I'll admit to him I just wanted to show him off.
Have a great day!
Be back in a few.
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