Sep 29, 2015

The never ending sampler

I think we've all had at least one. 
 Whether it's boredom, a slump, continual errors, or a chore to stitch, some projects we want to be over just drag on.  Sally Fiske is an easy stitch, but I am so tired of needing to complete her, that it has become a necessary chore during a slump.  Double whammy.  Add to that being a crabass and it's a triple whammy.  Even though I am not feeling the love for the needle, Ann Spence 1801 in all her large glory, is on my mind.  Why would I ever consider another large project right now? Christmas projects may be a better choice. 
Bitchy for me is being nasty about a situation, crabby is being displeased and complaining about everything.  So naturally my stitching is affected too.  I think the car, kitchen, and computer are contributors.  The Windows CD is coming tomorrow and I will install the new hard drive too.  My car left yesterday and Carole is thrilled, filling it with Il Divo's magnificent music.  For me, I hate the new one.  No open trays or storage, very cramped.  My purse went on the passenger floor which left Mark with very little room.  If I bought instead of leased, I would have the option to change.  So I ate a tray of Keebler's Pecan Sandies and a bag of cashews.  So far.  What right do I have to be crabby about trivial things when so many are dealing with real issues?  The refugee situation is so heartbreaking and then what do I also think about?  The thousands of dogs and pets that were left behind to suffer.  I remember many years ago, watching the videos of people fleeing on trains and their dogs running alongside trying desperately to keep up but ultimately left behind.  So in addition to crabby, I'm also very emotional.  Who isn't??  Snap out of it!  Now that I wrote it down, maybe when I read it I will wise up. 

Still waiting for Dominic's final work but we decided to install the new dishwasher before the custom panel for its door is finished.  That metal contraption can break your arm if you're not careful.  Without the weight of the door panel, it won't stay open to load and snaps shut like a shark's jaw.  Bud got a new box from it.  He was ill from bites (Yellow Cat) and the infection is almost gone.  We are setting up the condos in the garage where their food will be dry and they will be safe all night.  Nitzy and Missy are actually going in there to eat which is a huge step.  Mark just checked on them and found Yellow Cat in the garage eating their food while they surrounded him with hair on end.
I just saw an ad on TV for Menopause the Musical play.  What's to sing about?  Did you ever break into song during the moods, flashes, weepies, nasties, and don't-touch-me moments?  I've yelled and screamed but never in tune.
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Cricket-bug Corner said...

The santa bag is a good choice -it will cheer you! I love it! I think crappy must be in the air because i am feeling it too! Maybe you should try yelling in tune - might be a hit!

Mary A said...

But maybe setting all the horrors of meno to music will bring a laugh to some poor soul suffering with it. Anything to make it easier to put up with.

Krissy B. said...

Marly, Marly, Marly, I come home from a long boring 12 hour shift and turn on the computer and you have me laughing in seconds. I have never met you but you are a true kindred spirit and you make me laugh, agree, cry, get angry,and reflect all in one posting. The animals that enter your world are so blessed...yes even the deer because every year you faithfully plant them a huge salad knowing they are not going to share any of it with you. Every time I have a hot flash or a sad day I think of you and wish every woman going through this phase could read your post. If you did stand up you'd be famous instantly! Thanks for sharing your life's ups and downs with us. You, as much as you try not to be, are such a joy! Krissy B.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Well said, Krissy B! I second that.

C. M. Designs said...

I will add that I agree with Krissy B. Always enjoy your blogs, stitching, animals, flowers and any news that you share. I wish I could give you a hug and make it all better.
I think the "emotional fairy" is spreading herself around. Thought I was going to look forward to colder weather, but don't think so anymore. It's going to be a long winter.
I'm glad Carole is happy with your car.........wish you were happy with yours. Maybe some of your favorite music in it would help ?
Thinking of you,
Charlotte in Va.

The Eveningstitcher said...

Hilarious! We're only a year apart in age, so I can sympathize, empathize, and be bitchy with no explanation!! It's a great age no matter what! Sorry you're not happy with your new vehicle...I bought my new one last month and have been very happy with it....although I do miss my blue 2007 Sebring...we went through alot in the eight years I had her....I wish I would have had a good home to send her to..instead I traded her in like an old shoe...still feeling the guilt.

I love your new project with the Christmas stuff. Can't wait to see it finished!! You are an inspiration to all!

Truus said...

In a few years time it will all over for you-all the flashes etc.
Keep writing about it makes us feel sorry for you and you get rid of your angry thoughts.
Do make the Christmas stitches and finish this one later.
Keep up smiling Marly!
A hug from the other side of the ocean.
greetings,Truus from holland

Merry Wind Farm said...

I have to ask about the kitty condos you put in the garage. Are they the expensive purchased condos, and where did you get them? Is your garage heated or do you have heated pads? I'm asking because, lucky me, there are three new little black boogers out in the barn, I have a have a heart trap to try and get them and have them neutered. Then have to figure out how to keep them warm this winter. They shelter in the hay, but the problem with that is that I keep feeding out the hay to the horses. We'll see it this bounces back, I hope you see it.

Merry Wind Farm said...

It came back in about four seconds, crap.

Maggee said...

Menopause is a bear... I had it spontaneously in my forties, got over it. Came back after the cancer treatments, as IF I needed anything else... finally went away. But NOW, I seem to be getting hot flashes again!! WTH?? Ah well... life keeps us hopping doesn't it? Love your posts!

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