Oct 4, 2015


Hey.  What's happening?  Nothing interesting happening here which I guess is good.  Interesting can sometimes require deep thought and crabs just wanna crab, not contemplate.
 I installed the hard drive and downloaded all the drivers to get the Dell up and running but now I have to get all the programs and set up mail and such.  What a pain in my Pecan Sandies butt.  This old laptop's touchpad button needs to be pounded in order to work and I haven't been reading and visiting much at all.  Seems the stitching slump is leaching into blogging and computer time.  Big confession is, I have not picked up a needle since.... I don't know.  But with my memory problems, who knows?  Maybe it's only been a couple of days, maybe a week.  For the first time since I quit stitching all those years ago, I am not purchasing any new charts.  I have enough samplers to last quite a while but that never stopped me before.  I love what I see but don't feel that I will be stitching much longer.  That's scary.
We're getting the brats set up in the garage for cold weather and Yellow Cat is still terrorizing.  Bud has been oozing from a huge bite infection and has wounds all over.  He's on an antibiotic but the buildup continues faster than the draining.  I've used all the good flea products faithfully and have food grade diatomaceous earth on their carpets and bedding, but they still have fleas.  All it takes is one bite and I break out with 50.  I don't know how that's possible but I attract those little bastards and must have an allergic reaction to their bites. Comparing their itch to a mosquito bite is like Moby Dick to a minnow.  Mark has NONE and Bud lays on him every day.  I walked through the garage and came in with one in my sock.  My mom loved polka dots and that's what I look like from the knees to toes.
We're finishing the stove area and microwave cabinet after giving up on Dominic, should be done in a few days.  The duct work and vent for the fan is the final problem and because I chose a model from a manufacturer that no one local deals with, no one will do the installation.  Bite me. 
Maybe we will have sunshine and warmer temps this week. 
Hope your week will have some bright spots too.
Later pals.


C. M. Designs said...

I have heard/read that fleas are attracted to white/light colors. I know how flea bites feel.........very itchy. You are such a caring person, taking such good care of YOUR kitties.. I wish there was something that could be done to get rid/relocate the yellow cat.
Sorry to hear about your lack of desire to stitch. You are the one, who after I found your blog, got me interested in cross stitching again. Have finished several Halloween/Fall charts and have enjoyed doing them.
Wishing for you peace and contentment and a beautiful Fall.
Charlotte in Va.

Jacqueline said...

My ex and daughter are like you with flea's whereas my son and I are like your hubby. But get me anywhere near poison ivy and I am a goner.
I hope things mellow for you and your stitching mojo finds its way back soon. We all need a means of release and happiness. Maybe you should try hooking (rug). I got a book and started a couple of years ago when I was in a slump. It doesn't replace stitching or quilting but it got me back to those two pleasures.

Carmen Sutton said...

I have the same problem with itching of bites and poison ivy, what helps the itch is taking a shower with hot water as hot as you can stand and spray bits specifically it will itch like hell as you first do it,but once you get out of the shower the itching is gone and it usually lasts me about 8 hours. However this does not get rid of your flea problem. Good luck

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Sounds like your reaction to flea bites is similar to me and mosquito bites ... they swell up like bee stings. I used to go barefooted when a kid and invariably got stung by a bee on the foot. I just quit going barefooted as I aged.
Guess we are lucky here in the So Cal high desert... fleas are not a problem as the winter dry and cold seems to keep them at bay..So far. Me thinks those x-stitching days will be limited to VERY SMALL. They are taking me too long to finish...
We finally had some rain last night... not much, but every little bit helps. Snow on the nearby mountains. Such a beautiful sight!
Have a great day and keep safe...Peace to all, Barb

Anonymous said...

Hello Marly, We've been watching for an update from you. So sorry to hear you're in a stitching slump. We're sure it's all of the "hiccups" you've had recently. You deserve an "Outstanding Sister" award for letting Carole have your car. The new one is beautiful and we hope things get ironed out and you begin to have nice adventures in it. The color reminds us of an "Oklahoma sunset" -- gorgeous! We've not seen the color on a car here. Wishing you good luck with the computer issues. I'm at a complete loss with such things. I do have Norton Security and it saves me a lot of issues I was previously experiencing. Is there any way Yellow Cat could be caught and relocated? It's such a shame he's hurting Bud. Good luck. We can hardly wait to see more kitchen photos. We know it's trying at times but the end result is always worth it. So far the pictures indicate your kitchen and home should be featured in a magazine. Good luck on the finish. Wishing you sunshine and warmer temperatures this week. We wish we knew what to do about the fleas. Sounds like it's a strange occurrence from the weather, etc. Our "go to" relief products are: Caladryl, Absorbine Jr. and Poison Ivy soap (www.poisonivysoap.com). Usually we can get relief from any bite with one or a combination from these products. Til we hear from you again, stay safe. SAH

Barb said...

I'm so sorry about the flea problem. Thanks for the heads up on Tramadol. Since my back injury, I am living on it! A bit sleepy but no stomach sickness! Thank heavens!

celkalee said...

Darn fleas, hate them. I have tried a light spray of vinegar and water. I smell like a salad but it beats the alternative.

I understand the slump. I have a fortune invested in sewing, embroidery and quilting machines and haven't done doodle in months. I have multiple cross stitch and knitting projects in the works as well as wool applique. Nothing I tell you, not even a spark of creativity here.

Cranky, crabby and a little crazy. That's me. I could chew on someones face if they say one more stupid thing. My underwear needs replaced so I bought a new cast iron pot. I have closets that need purged so I just forced everything and slammed the door. I could go on but what's the use? I want to stitch, I have tried all my old methods to get a spark, nada. If you come up with the cure, please post.

Maggee said...

Mosquitoes love me here! My new neighbor so kindly told me about Green Alcohol(it can be found at drug stores mostly) . You soak cotton balls in it and put them in a baggie, ready for dabbing at the first bite. Well, darned if it works very well! Of course, it is best to do it right away... The night of the eclipse, I was out in my jammies with her, waiting for clouds to clear and catching up... got bit to heck! Two days later, I had over a dozen bad swollen bites. They are slowly disappearing now. Dang, it makes me crazy to hear your workman isn't coming around... My hubby (being a carpenter) wouldn't stand for that! Take care!

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