Oct 4, 2015


Hey.  What's happening?  Nothing interesting happening here which I guess is good.  Interesting can sometimes require deep thought and crabs just wanna crab, not contemplate.
 I installed the hard drive and downloaded all the drivers to get the Dell up and running but now I have to get all the programs and set up mail and such.  What a pain in my Pecan Sandies butt.  This old laptop's touchpad button needs to be pounded in order to work and I haven't been reading and visiting much at all.  Seems the stitching slump is leaching into blogging and computer time.  Big confession is, I have not picked up a needle since.... I don't know.  But with my memory problems, who knows?  Maybe it's only been a couple of days, maybe a week.  For the first time since I quit stitching all those years ago, I am not purchasing any new charts.  I have enough samplers to last quite a while but that never stopped me before.  I love what I see but don't feel that I will be stitching much longer.  That's scary.
We're getting the brats set up in the garage for cold weather and Yellow Cat is still terrorizing.  Bud has been oozing from a huge bite infection and has wounds all over.  He's on an antibiotic but the buildup continues faster than the draining.  I've used all the good flea products faithfully and have food grade diatomaceous earth on their carpets and bedding, but they still have fleas.  All it takes is one bite and I break out with 50.  I don't know how that's possible but I attract those little bastards and must have an allergic reaction to their bites. Comparing their itch to a mosquito bite is like Moby Dick to a minnow.  Mark has NONE and Bud lays on him every day.  I walked through the garage and came in with one in my sock.  My mom loved polka dots and that's what I look like from the knees to toes.
We're finishing the stove area and microwave cabinet after giving up on Dominic, should be done in a few days.  The duct work and vent for the fan is the final problem and because I chose a model from a manufacturer that no one local deals with, no one will do the installation.  Bite me. 
Maybe we will have sunshine and warmer temps this week. 
Hope your week will have some bright spots too.
Later pals.

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