Oct 14, 2015

That memory thing

Greetings!  How is everyone?  Enjoying what's left of Fall before the white crap starts flying?  We will have a very cold weekend and I'm already bitching before it's even here.
I remember telling you a few years ago how I received a package and was excited to view the contents even before I got back into the house.  Distraction (probably something inane as usual) caused me to set it down and move on.  A few weeks later, I found the completely forgotten package in the garage and was able to get excited all over again.  Certainly got my money's worth with that one.  Now I'm doing it with stitchery.  I decided to do a little more thorough cleaning and happened to notice two items that made me go "wow!  I like that!".  One of them was very recent and I am thrilled with it.  Again.  Am I the only one doing this?  This is scary!  Maybe because of my display methods I don't notice them and they just sort of blend into the background.  Not a good thing.  In case you forgot, here they are.  Robina and the double pouch of Harriet Hazlin. 
I just love that Robina and she reminds me of R&R's Dorothy Allen that is very similar in colors.  I would show you, but I have no idea where she is. 
Carol (StitchingDream) asked readers to help out a friend who lost all her supplies which gave me a perfect opportunity to thin out the linen.  I really prefer the dark, stiff, and coarse, have plenty, and hope she can find use for these colors and textures.  If you would like to help Carol's friend, visit her blog for more information.
Final sanding will be done today on the cupboard seams and I have a little trick that I do when sanding in the house.  Old washcloths are folded and sewn into a small pouch leaving an opening just large enough to fit on the dust collector tube, held on with a tight twist tie.  I never seem to have luck with those collector bags so I decided to try this heavy terry cloth - the trick is to wet the pouch.  Seems to work much better.  I turn it inside out and get rid of the dust, rinse it and store it for next time.  I also use a spray bottle to wet towels or cloths that protect items so they hold the fine dust.
Worked on Sally last night.  I think one of the reasons I fell into this slump is constantly having to check the chart.  Stems and flowers and vines don't allow the mindless alphabet work that I am used to.  But I am determined to finish her before I move on.  Poor girl has been stuck in this bag for too long.
Time to get back to cleaning.  Still haven't found a solution to the computer issues and can't click on text boxes to type, whether commenting on your blogs or to post on mine.  If a new window pops up I can most times, but if the comments are embedded I can't. This old laptop's touchpad doesn't work and the mouse is past its prime too.  Hit and miss.  It's not the computer itself but the operating system and browser settings that aren't cooperating.
Hope your week finishes with smiles and sweets.
Thanks for visiting.

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