Oct 8, 2015

What's this here chop?

Worcestershire pork chops
My husband's favorite.
Dip chops in beaten egg.
Coat with Gia Russo Italian seasoned bread crumbs.
I always use waxed paper to bread meats.  Spread the crumbs, add the meat, top with crumbs, folding the paper over and pressing the crumbs in, turn over and do again.
Saute in a little oil over medium high until browned.
(Love electric fry pans)
Put 2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce (Lea&Perrins!) in a measuring cup. Then add water and fill to 3/4 cup.
Pour over chops, reduce heat to low (250-275 on my pan), cover and barely simmer about 40 minutes for thick chops, turning once.
If making four chops, use 3 Tbsp and water to make 1 cup.
My repaired computer is fine EXCEPT I cannot post!  The cursor will not show up in the post box to type and I haven't found a cure yet.
 Wrangler Kate you are no-reply. The heart pouch in previous post is Lori Brechlin's free chart. 
Chop chop.

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