Nov 1, 2015

And the box will be mailed to...

Cynde Marschner.  Please email your address to me Cynde, you're no-reply and I can't contact you.  Thanks to everyone for playing along. 
I'm having a hard time once again with Sally.  The tree next to the house (identical on each side) was stitched by a lunatic crab and she messed up three times on rows that affect height.  Count em.  Three.  So it's higher than the other side's tree and I don't know if it will be noticeable since the house separating them is so large.  If it is, I will rip out the entire tree and start over but want to wait until I get further into the other motifs for an overall look.  Of all the reproductions, this one had to have matching sides.  If it isn't noticeable, I will leave it, but it certainly kicked sand into the crab's eyes. 
I'm taking a break for a day or two, maybe work on some labels, but I'm getting to a point where I don't even want to look at new charts.  Maybe things will change and a few Santas will draw me back in.  How can you not want to stitch a Santa?
Hope November starts off warm and sunny. 
And stays that way.
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