Nov 23, 2015

I WAS working

until this happened.
My last HP printer failed right after warranty and like this time, I had just spent over $80 on ink cartridges.  After the recent wasted printing that ended up striped, I assumed the black ink cartridge was defective and purchased another today.  There is no black at all.  This model doesn't allow access to the printheads for cleaning and after following all instructions for remedy, nothing worked.  With nothing to lose and torque screwdriver in hand, we went at it.  The printheads were a mess so we soaked as recommended on DIY sites, twice, put back together, twice, failed to print the black.  It's necessary unless you're printing pastels.  So now what?  Do I buy another HP that uses the same cartridge so I'm not wasting $80 again or look elsewhere and pay double with new ink?  Either way, I have two sources, Walmart and Staples, both limited on inventory, and may have to order whichever one I choose.  Can't use a color copier (which isn't as sharp) for the labels because they are printed on heavy cardstock.  In order for Staples to print them, they need to be in a .doc file and I have no idea how the clarity and color would come out.  I need to think and eat chocolate.
I will post the few boxes I have this week, and also post the date and time of the sale beforehand.  Krissy, please email me using the link at the top right.  If anyone has questions please send directly to me since the majority of requests are from no-reply readers and I cannot answer you.  If you receive posts by email, you probably don't have that link so.... email address
Be back soon with details, news, or a painfully nasty rant.


Truus said...

What a bad luck with the printer.
Have a HP printer but never had problems with it.
Do hope you will find soon another printer.
Greetings Truus from Holland

C. M. Designs said...

Do you have a Best Buy in your area ? That is where my son buys our printers......I have an HP and is has worked just fine.
Sorry for your dilemma.
Charlotte in Va.

C Reeder PhxAz said...

My HP did the exact same thing. I ended up with $100 in ink that I donated so I can write it off. About the best that you can do. Came home with a brother this time. This is my third HP in less than 8 years. I am done! So frustrating.

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi Marly, When I started publishing charts I had to have a new printer. I purchased the HP all in one 8620 for $199 from Staples, and signed up for the HP instant ink program for 9.99/month for I think 100 copies. They monitor the computer and automatically send new ink. If you go over the 100 pages, it is still quite cheap. I have been very happy with the printer and the instant ink program. Makes great copies and spits them out like crazy! The old printer must have taken a minute per copy.

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