Nov 29, 2015

Is this really Sunday?

I'm sorry.  I am a day off as usual.  It's the newspaper's fault.  I can tell what day it is by what supplements are included and they have been loaded with the same everyday.  But it is Sunday isn't it?  I will be posting photos of the boxes ready throughout today and tomorrow night (Monday) at 8pm the sale will be open.  I will post beforehand.  There will be another batch later in the week after I talk to Staples.  Again.  This HP Officejet Pro is way off on color.  I use my photos, they print yellow/green cast and way too dark.  I scan, it's much too light and washed out.  I copy, dark and bluish.  I'm taking some labels into the store to print on the floor model and if they are better, I am asking to switch out the machines.  I've had so much trouble and wasted hours and hours trying to lighten them.  So what's good will be tomorrow.  No other boxes were available at the shop but I am keeping a few unfinished for any special requests. 
My sister is still very sick and we've been running food and soup over plus once again, I am running around for her grandkids' and great grandkids' Christmas gifts.  When you don't have a lot of money, you appreciate and must participate in these weekend offers and I got almost all that she wanted.
I haven't been browsing many blogs or Facebook these past two weeks but happened to spot a decorated door on a brief browse of Pinterest,  Couldn't help myself, had to copy it.  Of course my neighbors were laughing and shouting "it's Christmas - not the 4th of July".
It may stay, it may go. 

Well, I have work to do so I'll see 'ya tomorrow.  And what day would that be?  Monday?  I'll make a note and pin it to my sweatshirt.
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