Nov 10, 2015

The one color holdup

Greetings folks.  How was your weekend?  Ohio had quite a few really nice antique shows and I'll bet some of you snagged some goodies.  We had really nice warm days last week but I doubt we will see those temps again.
I picked up Niky's Primitive Christmas design last night and once again, tried a different gold thread that didn't stay in the linen very long. 
The recommended color is 371 and it doesn't show at all on my dark linen so I tried 833, trying to stay in the greenish golds.  Removed it.  Moved on to 729 which looks really nice, but I thought it might be too gold with the other muted colors.  Removed it.  Back to 833, started on the border this time instead of the hat trim, and it's barely noticeable.  Move up to 834?  Brighter 729?  My DMC 680 and 3829 look exactly the same and don't show very well either, also have more orange to them.  But who knows?  That may be the choice.  Since the border, star motifs, and band are that color, I'm stuck.  I've been stitching and removing on what should have been a very quick finish.  I guess I need to hit the gas pedal or get out of the car.  I've been idling WAY too long on a small project that is only displayed a few weeks of the year and would look good with any freaking gold!  Move on menoblock!  Geez.
From the tiniest to the biggest, birds through my windows.
 These wrens were squawking outside the window for days and for a tiny bird, they can be pretty loud.  Their usual lyrical call is not what they've been shouting. 
These guys have a quick cluck if you scare them but you don't hear them too often.  They are so comical to watch, running single file from the woods to reach the corn, still ten offspring and one hen.  They scratch the ground and peck as they move along, heads up only when you disturb them.  Not the prettiest birds by far, no color or special patterns, but I do like their variety of feathers.
Raining all day and I'm taking it easy this week.  Very uncomfortable, not feeling great because of antibiotics, and pain meds make me ill.  I don't know why my body isn't compatible with drugs, even Tylenol doesn't sit well.  Thank goodness for Advil because it's the only one that agrees with me. 
Have a great week!  Thanks for visiting.


wranglerkate said...

Love, love, love your photos of the turkeys - thanks so much for sharing! I hope you feel better soon. :)

debbie haggard said...

i vote for the 729. cool turkeys!!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I like 729 too. Hope you are better soon. Love the little birds!

Vickie said...

I just love wrens. Can't get them to come and stay. Bully sparrows scare them off every year.

Berit said...

Santa's looking fab; you don't need menopause to fuss over a color--yellow is one of the hardest in fiber to adjust imo. I also really enjoy our local turkeys, though they are rather more urban and pretty aggressive!

I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, and hope you are on track soon. Medicines can make you feel so rotten!

Robin in Virginia said...

I like the 729 for your Santa piece. Great bunch of turkeys! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Monica said...

My two cents....729

Barb said...

I hope the color choice comes to you. I do that same sort of thing and it drives me crazy. Loved the bird photos!

Brigitte said...

Such lovely bird pictures. And I hope you will soon find the yellow-gold colour that you like on this pretty little Santa.

Truus said...

Love the foto's of the wrens -they are so lovely.
Do hope you will feel much better soon.
Good luck with choosing the right color for Santa.
Greetings Truus from Holland

susan hemann said...

love your santa, wild turkeys are fun to watch, did you see that movie My Life as a Turkey?

C. M. Designs said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well.......I feel the same way about's good stuff.
Love your little wrens. They are one of my favorite birds next to chickadees.
I'd love to see a flock of wild turkeys in my back such luck in this neighborhood.
Your Santa is wonderful. I worked on my PS Santas yesterday. They are just about ready to put on my tree. Phew !
Hoping you'll feel much better very soon.
Charlotte in Va.

Three Sheep Studio said...

Great bird pics, Marly.
I think the small birds might be Carolina Wrens. Beautiful !

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

I always enjoyed the turkeys passing through when we lived in VT. Now we have Desert Quails here in the desert of So Cal. Also got humming birds visiting our feeder that is attached to our picture window with suction cups (That is how it is made) they are always so entertaining. Hope you are feeling better real soon.

Peace & Blessing to all,

Penny said...

It can be very frustrating to choose colors, but you always do a wonderful job. I always enjoy your wildlife pictures ~ those little wrens look familiar. Hope you are feeling better very soon!

Maggee said...

TWO Carolina Wrens--lucky you! One of my faves! I have never seen turkeys live... what fun to watch eh? Good luck with the golds for your Santa stitch... Hugs!

Karen said...

I think they are gorgeous! Maybe it's the fat belly!

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