Dec 3, 2015

What day is it now?

Thank you for the purchases.  I plan on having some different ones and hopefully a few journals soon.  Still checking the store for stock but no luck as of yet.  I am still filling and packing and shipping and today, Thursday, I only have three left to do.  I was surprised at the amount of time it took to box and pack! 

 Today I'm taking Carole to the doctor after fighting about it for days, and I have a feeling it will end with a hospital admission.  Her cough is so ugly and scary and not one bit better.  After the appointment, I'm sure she will need x-rays and tests.  Our diagnostic center is a ridiculous waste of space with handicapped parking way too far away.  They put money into glass ceilings, enormous interior (and empty) space, and large circular drive, with no concern for the sick people coming for tests.  The sides of this building are where you park, and then walk all the way around to the only entrance directly in front.  She can't do it, completely out of breath.

Bud is wondering why the decorating isn't done.  Wait till he finds out the rocker and grapevine tree will be relocated to the back deck.  I love seeing decorated houses and lots of lights, but end up with as little as possible on my own.
I have been so busy with the boxes that I haven't stitched in a while.  The good thing is, I think this break helped my slump because I can't wait to finish decorating and sit down with the needle.
To those affected by the recent tragedy, I am so sorry.  Thank goodness they found all the explosive devices and bombs, can't imagine what they were planning after this.  This information was not broadcast by the media I was watching.  I guess it's time to change sources.
Have a great day everyone.
Thanks for visiting.


gracie said...

Sorry that Carol is not well. The tree is not up here, very little in way of holiday spirit. Let's hope we both get it all going soon.

Vickie said...

I am praying for your dear sister.

Robin in Virginia said...

Lifting your sister up in prayer; hope the visit to the doctor's helps. Thinking of you, Marly!

Barb said...

So Sorry to hear your poor sister is not doing better. I agree, that building sounds ridiculous! I really like simple Christmas decorations, each year I find I am simplifying the ones I put up.

Theresa Laboda said...

Hope your sister is better soon. Something nasty going around. I have coughed for six weeks and am now just getting a little better from pneumonia.

Truus said...

Do hope that Carole don,t have to go into the hospital other than for surgery.
That hospital sounds to me a little bit as the Crystal Cathedral with the glas roof.
Love the simple Christmas decorations -mine are simple too.
Get well soon for Carole.
Greetings Truus from Holland

C. M. Designs said...

I'm so sorry that Carole is not any better.. I hope her visit to a doctor will find what's going on and he'll have her feeling better in no time.......Praying that she doesn't have to be admitted to the hospital.
I was thinking, this morning, that I hadn't seen Bud for a while. I hope all of your kitties are okay.
I'm finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel as far as decorating goes. The older I get, the more it seems like work and it shouldn't be that way.
Thinking of you and Carole.
Charlotte in Va.

Three Sheep Studio said...

Sometimes a hospital stay is best because she will be able to get I.V. Meds which often speed recovery.
I love simple and natural Christmas decorations.
This can be a busy time of the year, it will be good to get back to stitching.

Margaret said...

I hope Carol is ok and she gets better quickly. How ridiculous about the handicapped parking. I hope you can drop her off close to the entrance and then park.

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