Jan 9, 2016

Waiting for dinner

so I thought I would show a few pics.  First off is the change in Sally.  I kept the green in the side border, removed the yellow, added darker rust.  Switched the green and rust in the bottom ... stems and flowers? .... and it looks better.  You can't see the green very well but on unbleached, it's hard to see a lot of colors. 

Had kielbasa and cabbage soup yesterday, sort of a sweet and sour dish.
The lovebirds snoozing.  Once her eyes open she is upstairs, downstairs, in the basement, everywhere!  Picked her up to take her to the garage and she tore me up again.
Hunting season is coming to a close and some of the herd made it through.
Take a look at what we call our majorettes.  White go-go boots.  Blast from the past, no?
And to top off the stuffed cabbage meal, one of my favorite quick and easy desserts.  This is the filling for the peanut butter pie and I save some fat and calories by skipping the graham crust.  Drizzle a little chocolate over and it's heaven.  Third cup peanut butter, one 8 oz cream cheese softened, 1 cup powdered sugar (confectioners), beat together.....then quickly blend in one 8 oz Cool Whip.  Done.
Company will be here shortly - made the make-ahead mashed potatoes so no last minute rushing. 
Have a nice weekend!!


Vickie said...

Love the does with the go go boots! :)

Yekaterina Haussler said...

Beautiful does... and very nice recipes. Have a wonderful weekend.

Robin in Virginia said...

Great deer pictures! Your soup and dessert look quite tasty. Now I have a hankering for cabbage and carrots to go along with the kielbasa. Enjoy your company!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ha Ha...Majorettes.... funny, but you're right. Dessert sounds yummy...but I'm in soup mode....it's snowing for the third day in a row (or are we on 4 now?) and being plunged into the deep freeze starting tonight. But body says SOUP.... My head says I don't feel like bundling up and driving on yuck roads to get groceries for said soup that I will be too tired to make once I get home anyways. Enjoy!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS....I've been commenting on your posts; however, often a day or two late...I see the notifications that I've commented are not being delivered to you. Boo hoo.... Don't know how to fix that....)

Barb said...

The new colors look great! I am getting in the mood to stitch a sampler, maybe one not quite that big although it is beautiful. That dessert sounds so good! It looks like you have lots of wildlife in your yard.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I had white go-go boots!
Your dessert sounds heavenly.
Hugs :)

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love that peanut butter pie recipe - it's a favorite here. But I hadn't thought of leaving off the crust. What a great idea. Wonder how it would taste if I cut a few calories by using fat free cool whip, fat free peanut butter, splenda....sacrilege! blessings, marlene

Anonymous said...

You are my hero. I'm going to try that crust-less pie! I can't chew anything right now thanks to a nasty little thing called trigeminal neuralgia. I'm so tired of soup broth and tiny bits of egg whites. Peanut butter pie that I don't have to chew might just give me the will to get up tomorrow. SF

Linda said...

I like your changes of colors Going to try that pie filling without the crust Really good idea Love the go go boots
Linda m

Frances N said...

Love, love the go-go boots! I had those in elementary school--we all did! It was a status symbol, I guess!!! haha We wore them with everything! Fun times!
I'm loving that peanut butter dessert--seems like it's calling my name!!
And you know I love those sweet kitties! (I'll pretend I read nothing about a confrontation!)

C. M. Designs said...

Your soup and dessert are making my mouth water. YUM !
Sweet kitties but Missy shouldn't be scratching the hands that feed her. Naughty girl.
Your deer are beautiful.......am glad they made it past the "hunt".
Have a wonderful weekend.
Thinking of you,
Charlotte in Va.

Earlene L. said...

I want some soup!

cucki said...

Such a sweet post
Smiles and love x

Judy said...

The dessert sounds delicious. I plan on adding a teaspoon of instant coffee for a little depth of flavor. I add instant coffee to my peanut butter and banana smoothies all the time, and it's yummy.

Glenna said...

Hah-majorettes. When I was young (ever so many years ago), I so wanted a pair of go-go boots. My best friend had some, but that didn't convince my mother.

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