Feb 26, 2016

Envelope revisited

Ciao!  Spring's 'a coming. 
How you doing?  Want to be bored again?  I showed this envelope method a few years ago, doing it again for the few emails from those that missed it. 
(note to no-reply Lisa B. - the sampler is ABCD 1817 from Scarlet Letter)
When cutting the backing fabric I add about 3"extra to the length.  Cut that piece in half and fold over/press a hem either sewing or fusing to finish.  Overlap these hems to create an envelope. This time, I machine basted the flap closed before sewing the backing to the front.  Better!  Removing the stitches is very easy and it holds the fabric in position, no moving or slipping, creating a perfect close.  I overlapped the flaps a little too much, it's not necessary.  Instead of hemming the edges I use the fusible hemming tape, but don't have it in the very edge of the fold in case I want to use a decorative stitch on it.  The tape makes it harder for the needle to glide.  For some reason, my corners are always bigger.  Looking at the piece, the sewing line is perfectly square, I use the machine's guide, but they still stick out further than the edges.  Very easy to turn inside out and run a few more stitches to pull them in which I did.  After pressing the seams open, I turned the tucked side (bottom side) out to stuff, then turned the top side and finished filling.  Steamed the filling to densify (yes it's a word), and I can sew a button, decorative stitch, add trim, or safety pin the back flap.  The trick to a crisp finish is to make sure the flap is not allowed to open, even slightly.  Pull it to where the fabric would be as originally basted, so it is perfectly straight across.  Easy peasy.  Here's the boring photos.
 Steamed and ready to secure the flap so it doesn't gap.

I have a hemostat or forceps that come in handy for filling corners.  You can grab a bit of stuffing and then clamp shut to hold it, push into corner, then unlock the clamp and pull out.  The nose end isn't sharp and can be used to pack the corners too.  Easy way to add a little to those pesky corners on small projects.
Too many photos! 
Just wanted to share my easy way to do smalls without the hassle of blind stitching or gluing them shut.  Easy to reopen too, when you forget to add the hanger as I did. 
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