Feb 9, 2016

I can't find a helmet

so I have no progress.  You wondered what was wrong with the fricking impostor case, well I'll tell you.  First off, I have fusible fleece in two thicknesses.  The first case must have been the thinner one because this sucker was a beast.  The heavier fleece created excess interior fabric when folded.  IF you could fold it.  Damn thing would spring up like a baby goat.  I took it apart several times and could not unfuse the fleece so I just trimmed as much as I could and opened the side seams, tightened the interior.  After it was stitched close, I realized I forgot to slip the button loop into the seam.  Open again.  Close again.  Pinned the wool page inside, sewed down each side of the red binding strip to attach said bumhead wool, thinking the two rows would create a boxed edge on the fold and prevent the goat hop.  Didn't work. Removed that stitching and changed to red thread, sewed down the center.  Every bobbin I was using ran out of thread on my old machine, and as I slipped the "universal bobbins" onto the winding spindle, they wouldn't come off.  Needed pliers!  Sewed the cute red button to the back and ...... the damn leather lacing loop was too thick to fit beneath the vile button.  It was like a conspiracy.  So I gave up.
Today I went to pick up the chair, and, well, there's a lot of work to be done.  First thing was to add 1/4" to the bottom of one leg since it was shorter.  To say this is primitive is an understatement.  My husband is not at all impressed and hopes we can take down the rough spots (you would snag a sweater), soften sharp angles, and scrape off the paint drips. There's a back spindle that is hanging out a few inches beneath the seat and needs trimmed off.
This is the bottom which we saw as we loaded it into the car.  I didn't want to lose a deposit on what to me is an expensive chair, so we took it.  But I will love it.  After lots of work, sandpaper, and paint, it will be wonderful.  I just hope this pine seat will not split with time.
Wish me luck as I enter the sewing cave without protection.
Stay safe!  Thanks for visiting.
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