Feb 6, 2016

Sunny Saturday

Hello people!  Mark is golfing, the sun is out, the herd is back.
There is a total of nine that come but one was out of view and the other has a broken front leg and was holding back.  If she was hit by a car, she may not survive.  It irritates me when people show videos of deer being struck and running away, thinking it's OK.  It's not.  They even run after being shot and it doesn't mean they are not mortally wounded, or have devastating internal injuries. 
When Mark's friend came to pick him up for golf, he peeked in to say hello and the look on his face changed drastically when he spotted this.  What did he think they were?  Even the feathers in the pouch gave him pause.  This guy has solid white rooms from floor to ceiling so I know he's clueless about dried gourds. Something tells me he will stay in the car and blow the horn next time.
I'll be sitting in the waiting room for several hours this week while my brother has tests so I need to pick another project to take with me.  I'll also be picking up a chair I saw last year at this time that was already sold. I reserved one this year.  Hand made brace back with claw arms and primitive paint.  Can't wait.
Enjoy your weekend my friends.
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