Mar 30, 2016

Phases of Hannah

Phase one was following the chart including missing stitches.
Phase two was filling in the motif stitches and changing the center heart to a dinky motif.
Final phase filled in the missing N and O, changed the top shape of the motifs, filled in the sides with pink, added to the center dinky.
Never be afraid to change what doesn't work ... or you don't like ... or stitches you hate ... or to colors that you prefer ... or from light linen to dark.
If the printer works, this will be the April box top ending before the over one.
I decided to not add Hannah's name since it's no longer what Hannah intended, and I plan on a small pillow for cupboard knob hanging and don't want it any larger.
I received an email from Barbara R with her method of over one.  I asked to share it with you and she has agreed to send photos of it, her WIP, and hopefully a few other pieces of her work.  She will be back next week so hopefully by next weekend I will have a post that may offer some help to those of us that dread and reject projects because of over one stitching.
Thanks for visiting ~ hope your week ends well.
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