Apr 16, 2016

The over one epiphany

was a bunch of nonsense so I removed this post's content,  just in case someone thought it made sense and would give it a try.

It basically was incorrectly thinking that the vertical thread in the intersection of the stitch, would determine the second half of the cross.  If the vertical thread was on top, the second half would go from top to bottom, and if the vertical thread was on the bottom of the intersection, the second half would go from bottom to top.  Wrong!  So rather than create a problem for someone, I decided to remove it.



wenhkc said...

Thanks for this and the previous posts! I'm getting ready to start a Jeannette Douglas 1-over project and I'll certainly keep these tips in mind.

Jessica said...

Just read the previous post and the comments too. So "over 1" may not be so evil anymore? I avoid it, but these tips *may* help me try it again. I haven't stitched in awhile actually. I hope my mojo comes back. Maybe after we move.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

OMG...boy am I confused. Guess it makes a difference, but then my favorite expression is "That's good enough".
Maybe when I can concentrate more I'll come back to this explanation, tutorial, lesson???
Thanks for your dedication.

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