May 10, 2016

A little birdie told me

that some of you are trying to find The Examplarery's Mary Spinney from 1990.  I did a search and came across a hydroponic growing site that seems to also have some stitchery.  Spinney is in kit form, with the linen, unopened, for $52.  The linen is not as dark as mine but listed as olive green. I did not click the Buy button to see if it was still available or any other info on shipping but you can do that if you are interested.  Here is the page....
Today I am signing up for a health care/Medicare plan, choosing from the options that can make your head spin.  I have it down to two, will probably choose the BC Advantage plan and then switch to a Medigap full coverage in fall.
It's still rainy and chilly here, rain the rest of the week and only around 60 this weekend and continuing into next week.  Poor husband has a 3-day golf outing!
Nitzy appeared last night and I thought he was someone else's cat.  The mud was packed down to his skin, all over, and he appeared gray or light brown.  I used Wet Ones and gently petted him but after 20 sheets, I wasn't making a dent.  Switched to a thick washcloth but I need to really rub opposite to get to his skin.  Some blood from those claws that are sharper than a fishing hook, and he went to the garage for the night.  This morning I tried combing the dried mud clumps and broke most of them up, but he is still coated with the dirt and a light brown color.  Little by little, cautiously, with gloves on. 
Enjoy your day.
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