May 5, 2016

When you can't find a cat

The kind of cat that rips into your flesh.  Upstairs, on the bed, under the bed, on the sofa, on my linen, in the closet, in the basement, and now.....on my dining room table.
My sinuses are pounding and I want them outside where well fed, de-flea'd, spoiled rotten feral cats with condo units should be.  She wants to be outside but also wants to come in.  Outside, she is always with a mouse or mole which upsets me.  But she was/is wild and that was necessary for her to survive.  Bud won't leave the house and sleeps 24/7.  Evening they all come in for a canned meal and then retire to the safety of their garage set up with 6 different dry foods for the night.  But it's still cold and wet here, requiring a jacket!  So most of the day .....
As for the pouches, I appreciate your comments.  I put everything in a box and will not work on it now.  No desire for stitching, sewing, painting.  I am continuing on with Mary Spinney and I am loving her colors.  The bottom area will have some blue.  Really nice primitive design, easy because of the short rows. 
She hangs on the Magma most of the time but I am trying to stitch a little every evening.   Not using the hoop for her since she is thin and easily hand held.  I am neither of those. 
Refusing to go up another size, I purchased my new cropped boyfriend jeans in the old size and told the sales clerk they will fit 10 pounds from now.  I need to take off 35.  My 13 years older sister is heavy, and driving my yellow car.  When she drove away from my house the other day, my neighbor waved to her while walking her dog.  Carole stopped the car and said to her "I just wanted you to know that Marlene hasn't aged 10 years and gained 50 pounds, I'm her sister and she gave me her car."  Marylou started laughing hard and between her brisk walking and that laughter, I was thinking ..... minipad.
That's all folks.  Steak on the grill tonight followed by
I stocked up again.  The bags are kept in old kitchen cabinets in the basement but the chocolate covered Snack Factory Dark Chocolate Crunch Pretzel Crisps are in the kitchen.  They are asking for protection from hostile takeover and want to join up with Dove, but my embassy hasn't approved that yet.
Enjoy the week's end!
Thanks for visiting.
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