Jul 28, 2016

A year later....

as we continue following The Story of Kitchen, Dominic called!  Now.  He did not understand my clear, twice written dimensions, but at least they were under and not over so they did fit into the cupboard.  And here's what we had him make.
Our corner units have a middle fixed shelf that is 16" deep.  It could be cut out and a corner lazy susan installed, but because it is a retrofit, the size would be small in order to get it into the opening.  Not worth it.  I designed these full extension drawers because I have had enough of the bending and reaching.  
Putting them on a base with the glides allows for easy installation, just screw it down to the shelf and bottom. 
 Nothing can be installed in the corner but that's the only spot I will need to reach.
All four 16" drawers are full extension and can be pulled out far enough for easy access.  Yahoo baby. If I had them made any deeper, they would be sticking out and not allow the other drawer to open.
And as usual, I get the best ideas after the fact.  So Mark will have to remove the top two, but I'll hold the light for him. It's the least I could do. We have two of these corner cabinets and Dominic only got around to making one set.  Good thing.  After seeing the space left above the drawer on the middle shelf, I decided to have Dom build a double decker.  Adding another drawer with less height above the deeper one will give me a utensil drawer.  Or spices, or hot pads, or casseroles, or lids.  So the two on the middle shelf will be relocated to the bottom shelf of the other corner cabinet and I'll wait for 4 double deckers to install on the middle shelf of both cabinets.  This is next to the stove and will remain cooking items, the other will be canned goods and with two double deckers plus the bottom drawers, no need to use the empty corner space at all.  I just hope it won't take him another year to get to them.
I found some fabulous tops in JCP's clearance section for Carole.  Plus size Alfred Dunner beaded tops and blouses for less than $10 with my coupons ($32 for four!).  Just can't pass up bargains like that.  I've always shopped for Mom since her stroke, Dad because he wouldn't buy himself anything, Mark because he has poor taste, my brother because he has no idea how to bargain shop, my nephew because he is too cheap to spend on himself, my aunt because her DIL's are "busy", and Carole because she can't walk.  Unless it's to lunch or dinner with her friends.  She goes out a lot with friends, most all with expensive clothes, so I would pick up some nicer things when I saw them.  Then I find out that her closet was filled with them, TAGS STILL ON!  She lost weight and started to rid the excess items and I couldn't believe it.  From years ago to present day, my efforts (and $$$) were for naught!  Totally ticked off.  She didn't need anything new at all and felt bad that the items she "loved to death" were never worn and given away.  So today, I continued the idiocy I swore to stop, because I can't pass up a bargain or a coupon. 
The End.
Back tomorrow for the drawing!
Now wasn't this boring?

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