Jul 25, 2016

Only because you asked, brow time

Permanent cosmetic tattooing lasts for a few years,
but is not forever like traditional tats.
 This is a solid powder fill because I have only a few hairs from the middle to end.

Close up - you can see my thin hairs ending around the middle.  There is a method called microblading or something like that, it's very fine hairlines and totally realistic.  But it may only last 6 months, my method fades in about a year or longer (depending on the # of sweaty flashes) and then is touched up to darken again.  And the most asked question - no it really doesn't hurt too bad.  They use a numbing cream over and over during the procedure and although I did feel it in the beginning, it was like getting pinched.  And it's over pretty quick so no big deal. BUT - make sure you see her work beforehand - some use very dark ink and terrible looking hair strokes.  The first week will be darker because some of the ink sloughs off, and you may need a touchup after a few weeks if there are any spots that didn't take as well.   I choose a medium brown even though my hair color is very dark (when I color it on time).  It's lightened and is now perfect.  You can also get a shade of gray for salt & pepper hair.  Her charge for both brows was $125, so so worth it to not have to worry about the pencil coming off.  I came home from a flashy shopping trip to find myself with one brow gone and one smeared.  Kind of like walking around with my one lens sunglasses.  I feel it's made a huge difference and ...... I'm 65 and it's time I started doing some things for me.
Other than eating a bag of Dove chocolate covered blueberries AND a bag of chocolate covered cranberries.  Neither survived 48 hours.  I am so ashamed.
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