Jul 4, 2016

Pin stitch

Almost forgot! - Susan's name was drawn as the chart winner.

Pin stitch?  Being isolated from shops and other stitchers, I had no idea about the pin stitch for .... isolated stitches!  You know about this don't you?  Well for others like me that don't, here 'ya go.  I was trying to keep off my feet so browsed a few sites and videos and found this method for those solitary stitches out in the middle of nowhere. Here's what I learned about the pin stitch, which I found done several ways but this was the best.  This method would secure an isolated stitch better with the multiple crossing. 
This method requires no special stitching and the single stitch only has one tail.  I use this loop method for all my stitching because it's a quick and secure start creating a neater back.  I know it's frowned upon by experienced stitchers, but I'll never be one and still like being a rebel.  The only tattoo I have is my eyebrows, so being a reckless stitcher makes me feel a little wild.  That says a lot.

"Hey lady!  You consider yourself a rebel, a little on the wild side.  Why is that?"
"Well Bubba, I use the loop method, my floss is twisted, I eat while stitching, have a drink nearby, rarely use a hoop, carry over too far, deliberately stain my work, wash and dry to age and wrinkle, use the hard stuff (glue), fringe edges, hang without framing, and sometimes .... I even knot.  And my tension is off the charts.  While others fear the needle and cloth, I show it no mercy.  And if I get any lip, I set it on fire and move on.  Be afraid Bub."

Yep that's me.  Big chicken clucking her way through life, but give me linen and floss and I am fearless.  Confused, indecisive, fusspotty, but fearless.  I mean reckless.

And you know what?  I think that's OK.  If I had to worry about proper this that and the other thing, I would not have the patience to stitch, nor enjoy it.  It's not going in a museum.  My pieces will end up at a garage sale when I'm gone so I don't care if they last 100 years.  I would love to have the talent and technique for an exquisite sampler but I don't, so I stitch for the enjoyment of seeing the finished piece and can't fret over my inadequacies.  I still fuss over errors, colors, and tension but in the end, the final result as a whole is more important to me.  The look more than the details.  Practicing the rules and methods, learning advanced techniques to become a proficient needleworker, striving to create a glorious result to be passed down to family is not the goal of all stitchers.  I don't have a need to justify my ways, but I've received a number of emails from readers worried about trying linen, different stitches, finishing, technique.  For anyone who wants to get back into stitching, just starting, or feeling their work is inadequate, just do it. You may end up with a perfect finish, you may end up like me.  And that's OK.  Learn what you can about needlework, stitch to the best of your ability, use the methods that you are comfortable with, and enjoy!

Yours in wonky tension,
The Reckless Stitcher
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