Jul 21, 2016

Playing with a full deck

That's something I don't hear often.
Hiya.  Didn't get much done yesterday until 10:00 pm.  That's when I printed some labels.  In every size.  From every file.  It was like playing a card game.  This one in the middle, no - use the big one, no - make it all houses, no - how about all Lucy Redd, no - all red houses, no - add a sampler, NO!  I switched them around and around like a shell game. Finally have it narrowed down to the three on the right.
  All this time spent on 3 little squares I may never use.  I checked several places and the ones I liked were all gone, so I'm doing my own in 3", 2 1/2", and 2". 
Wood is stained, sealed, ready to attach, not as nice as Tammy's from In the Company of Friends.  These look to be printed on very thin acrylic and mine have to be labels on wood.  I guess they can be called a "make-do"!
  Something tells me I will have two sets when the card game ends.  And I will still use my Gadjit (or Dritz sewing gauge).
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